Ben Madsen

For those who I have not been lucky enough to meet my name is Ben Madsen, a 3rd year student and I have had the absolute pleasure of being one of the three AUMSA social reps for 2018. Being apart of AUMSA has taught me so many things and I am thrilled to be running for President for 2019. Medicine is not something that runs in my veins and after making a last minute decision to do Biomed upon leaving school I have never looked back and never regretted getting involved with AUMSA. Having not moved into halls in 1st year, AUMSA’s educational talks, events and sporting teams provided me with an amazing opportunity to meet like-minded people and helped me make what will be lifelong friends. I will be heading to the mighty Waikato for 4th year and I would love the opportunity to continue to give back to AUMSA to maintain and improve, through the leadership of what will be no doubt an exceptional executive team once again.

Cameron Tuckey

My name is Cam and I’m absolutely fizzing to be running for AUMSA President for 2019.

This year I’ve had the privilege working closely along-side Sung-Min as VPA. It’s given me insight into the tough decisions expected of a president and what it takes foster an effective and exciting executive. It’s also vastly improved my collection of inspirational food analogies.

I’m passionate about the sense of community AUMSA helps create. I’m also aware this sense of community is not universal, especially as members move into their clinical years. Let’s address that! In 2017, Sung-Min campaigned for an AUMSA for everyone.  I’m a firm believer that culture doesn’t change in a year and that’s why I’m eager to build on his successes!

If you see me around, feel free to come and talk to me about my campaign and vision for AUMSA.

Join the Cam-paign, Join the Movement, Vote Cam Tuckey



Vice-President Education

Tim Burns

Kia ora whanau, I’m Tim Burns a 5th year based in Auckland hospital.

After breaking through the rigorous process of being nominated by someone after asking them to nominate me; I am absolutely chuffed to be in the running for VPE.

The role of VPE is to chair the education portfolio of AUMSA, generally with a lens focussing on the clinical side of the med-school world. This is extremely important for the entire faculty (pre-clinicals, you’re in hospital faster than expected) as each year we must take steps to improve this experience. I have special interests in boosting knowledge around future job applications and CV building (which massively lacks), and in addressing the inconsistency of assessment through different clinical rotations. Reaching my final year in 2019 I feel I have a lot of experience to draw from to build on previous work and keep things moving in the best direction.


Mu-Ming Pan



Kia Ora koutou, I’m Mu-Ming.

I love teaching, and my passion for quality education is why I am running for AUMSA Vice President of Education. As VPE, I will ensure you have the best support you need as you progress through preclinical and clinical years.

For change to take place, it takes time, dedication, and most importantly teamwork. Despite being placed in Hamilton this year, my commitment to teaching has seen me commute to Auckland every weekend. This same dedication I will put into making medical school a better experience for everyone.

My vision is for us to work together in shaping a curriculum that produces healthy, knowledgeable, well rounded doctors to lead healthcare in NZ. To this effect I will advocate to make sure your voices are heard, and take the actions required to bring the change we need.

Let’s do this together! Vote Mu-Ming for VPE.



Vice-President Administration

Rose Gannaway

According to Urban Dictionary “A Rose is a person who is daring, fun-loving and extremely active. She will always put a smile on your face no matter what mood you are in. Her love of all animals, such as dogs, is just another reason to like her… an A1 gal (meaning good, on point)”. The part about loving dogs is certainly very accurate and as for the other comments, they are aspects that I hope I emulate. As you may know, I am running for the position of VPA in AUMSA and it would be an honour if I was selected to be on the executive. I would do my part to make sure that 2019 is AUMSA’s best year yet for all medical students in terms of education and entertainment. So get amongst the elections because they aren’t just about who votes but also who doesn’t!



Martha Munnelly

Kia ora everyone I’m Martha! I am the (self-proclaimed) Admin Queen. There ain’t nothing more satisfying than crossing things off a list or cracking out my pastel highlighters.

As VPA my job is to make life easier for everyone and deal with all sorts of problems that arise behind the scenes. I am the organised, reliable kinda gal you want in charge of admin, and I have experience in similar roles.

Make sure you give my Facebook page “Martha Munnelly for Vice President Administration” a like to learn a bit more about me and to get free food and prizes!

If you want an efficient AUMSA working to create the best community ever make sure you vote for me! Thank you!


Tommy Hayes

Kia ora koutou. Ko Tommy toku ingoa. I’m an active, outgoing, driven meddie.

Without a doubt the last 2 years have been some of the best years of my life. I am committed to ensuring that the dream continues for the rest of our AUMSA family, both current and future 2nd years, and clinicals everywhere.

I have loved being involved in everything AUMSA has to offer from Sports, Med Revue, student interest groups and a multitude of social events, and have had experiences that would allow me to  contribute hugely as VPA in facilitating the next generation of leaders across the board to achieve their goals in their various portfolios.

I’m passionate about helping out and am never qualmed by going the extra mile to make sure activities get off the ground and go swimmingly.

I always do my utmost to make sure people are happy all round, taking all perspectives into consideration, but have no hesitation in negotiation and problem solving, expertly writing persuasive letters and putting in mahi to get the job done.


Niel Kulkarni

Kia Ora! My name is Niel Kulkarni and I am stoked to run as Vice-President of Administration for AUMSA 2019! AUMSA’s success in the past year has been phenomenal, meaning that filling the shoes of our current leaders is not going to be easy – but I can assure you damn well that I will give it my all! I believe that the role of the VPA is less policy-initiating, but more policy-facilitating, which is just a fancy way of saying: I’m here to help those that are here to help.

My time as head prefect has developed in me (what I’d like to think is) a perfect balance between unlimited spunkiness and a relentless work ethic. With Med-Revue’s Pumbaa being my pastime alter-ego, I offer a super approachable, energetic, bubbly personality and love to yarn about absolutely anything! But don’t get me wrong – ya boi knows when to put in the mahi. With a true passion for how to make med-life more amazing, voicing your thoughts and concerns as part of the team that has such an immense impact on our student body, would straight up be sick. VOTE KULKARNI FOR VPA.




Susie Middleton

I am a third year post grad. My previous degree was in Economics and I passed my finance papers with As or A+s. Three years ago I produced the Grafton Hall magazine, which I delivered on budget. I sat on the Grafton Hall student council and on my high school student council. If elected treasurer, I will work with the Sponsorship Officer and the rest of the council to make sure AUMSA stays within budget and subsidises events and other member benefits as much as possible.


Ben Hall

Hey! It’s your boy Ben! Who do you think of when it comes to managing money? Me.

It is commonly known that Asians know how to deal with their money, you only have to watch the movie “crazy rich Asians” to know that I am speaking the truth. Coming from the sunny planes of New Plymouth, I’m the person you want to handle AUMSA good$. With precise math skills that any Asian parents would be proud of you know that I can deliver the goods. On a more serious note, I understand the huge responsibility that comes with the role and I know that I can step up. I’m extremely reliable and organised but know how to have a good time. I strive to maximise efficient use of AUMSA resources like the heart optimises cardiac output. Vote Ben to be the power house of AUMSA to get your moneys’ worth.

Salam Iwaz

Kia Ora,

My name is Salam Iwaz and I am honoured to be running to be your AUMSA treasurer in 2019.  I am a very organised, honest and trustworthy person, three qualities that I think are essential for this position. Over the years I have been exposed to the world of business and managing money, having run a small business selling phone cases with a friend a few years back, as well as running the cash register and stock-taking at Farmers, ‘Your Department Store!’ Being a school prefect and charity group leader, I also ran fundraisers and was in charge of collecting and adding up the funds. I am a friendly, approachable and hardworking individual and in running for treasurer I can promise that I would put in my best work for this position and ensure AUMSA and AUMSA exec run smoothly.

Salam For Treasurer 2019, It Makes Cents!



Victoria Murphy

Kia ora!  I’m Victoria.

AUMSA plays an integral role in our community; not only through organising a range of events and entertainment, but also with genuine advocacy for people from a diverse field of needs and backgrounds.

Both the support of AUMSA and the kind, considerate people I have met this year have been indispensable to the inclusive environment that Grafton fosters.  It is humbling to have the chance to serve our students and colleagues to the best of my ability – in the role of your committed, approachable, and efficient Secretary for 2019.

My fixation with proper grammar, penchant for spreadsheets, and experience keeping records on student and youth councils all assure my track record for the communication and administrative skills needed to keep things operating smoothly as Secretary – so AUMSA can keep up the good work.

If you have any questions or suggestions, I’d love to chat!

Ngā mihi


Su-Ann Yee

Hi, my name is Su-Ann Yee and I would love to be your AUMSA secretary for 2019!

My goal is to ensure that AUMSA operations run as smoothly as possible by performing all administrative tasks to the best of my ability and lending a helping hand to other executive members. I have a fine-eye for detail, good time-management skills and a bit of a soft-spot for spreadsheets, which is what makes me feel that I would be an ideal candidate for this position.

So to get straight to the point: vote for me, Yee for secretary!



Sponsorship Officer
Ahmad Habib

Kia Ora Koutou!

How I would describe my second year so far is that I am amazed by the many different opportunities, experiences and great friends I have met. I largely attribute this wonderful year to the awesome AUMSA social events. What made these events superb was the financial comfort to plan provided from our lovely sponsorship officer!

I believe the sponsorship officer role requires a mature and committed student that can liaise with the treasurer to bring about the necessary funds for all AUMSA’s expenses. This role requires someone that is opportunistic and perseverant to further develop various new patrons and enhance existing ones (shout out MAS).

From sussing cheap Arab gas prices to Niesh deals for my mates, I reckon I got the skills and qualities for this position. Plus, I’m genuinely passionate to do my best for everyone!

Vote for me Habibi.


Aman Singh

Hey Team, I’m Aman Singh, an experienced, but not so old postgrad with a Public health background that would be honoured to represent you as your 2019 AUMSA sponsorship officer. AUMSA is for everyone. By voting for me you can expect full commitment from me in working for the people in acquiring funding for all its members to enjoy – whether that be but not limited to being used for social events, conferences, symposiums and interest group events. The role of sponsorship officer requires someone who is positive, approachable and enthusiastic, has excellent communication skills, and can build and maintain strong relationships with its supporting members, businesses and organisations – luckily, I tick all of these boxes. If you have any questions feel free to approach me at any time around Grafton.

Whose man? Your man! AMAN for sponsorship officer.


Fitree Fadzullah

When asked on the reason why for his intentions to run, he replied, “Well, I convened the NZMSA Conference this year and got to know a lot of people, so why not use this opportunity to get more money from them for more medical students’ activities.” – if I may say so (representing clinical students), please and thank you.

Fitree is a High School Musical fan who studies medicine and does wonders in social connections, in that order, and this is a bit of copy about him.

He is a low-key singer, an outdoor enthusiast, future paediatric surgeon who recently caught a travel bug and to be honest, he is an awesome person to get to know.That’s not giving you a lot of detail, is it? So, vote to see him around more! 🙂


Communications Officer
Ben Reid

As I look back fondly on 2018 as my first year as a Medical Student I am not only reminded of the extreme privilege it is to be in this position but of the important role that AUMSA serves. Whether it be welfare week or education events, there has always been support for myself and my peers, however I feel that there is room for improvement. As your Communications Officer for 2019, I would not only maintain AUMSA’s presence online and on social media but strive to build greater connections with our student interest groups alongside the VPA to enhance the variety and quality of events that we can provide. I see this role as being unique in terms of the scope of what is possible, and I can assure you it will receive my full attention if I am elected.

Vote for reliability. Vote Ben Reid.


Arts and Welfare Representatives

Remy Garrett and Juliette Meyer


Remy is the ULTIMATE country bumpkin commonly seen looking homeless and omg did you know she took a gap year?? She really found herself travelling and connects with people from all walks of life(surely a quality of a welfare rep;)

You’ll find Juliette running into 8am lectures @8:15 looking like a mess. She is SUPER silly and if someone’s giving you a hard time she’ll whip out her black belt and her peer mediation skills(amazing qualities wow;)

Our new vision for welfare and arts 2019 includes creating chill vibes and integrating the year groups from day 1. We have planned wholesome events as well as expanding arts- we know there are lots of creative kiddos out there.

In all seriousness burn-out is real and we would love the opportunity to lighten the load<3

To REJUvenate your life you know what to do- you should vote for REm and JU


Megan Chan and Sarah Adeane

Kia Ora! We’re two fun-loving gals running for your Arts and Welfare Reps 2019!

Sarah, although Hamiltonian at heart, spent her childhood in Asia, so wants to bring a theme of inclusion and diversity to the role. Her interests include eating Megan’s baking and laughing too hard at her own jokes.

Megan, more of a local girl, grew up in the exotic area that is Remuera. A notorious procrasti-baker, she maintains her sanity by baking cookies to share before tests instead of studying. Alongside creativity, Megan brings a sense of balance and leadership experience to the team.

To make a difference in each other’s lives, it’s the little things that count. We want to drive connections between people through small, consistent acts of kindness and creativity. While you’re training for a career dedicated to the wellbeing of others, we’re here to emphasise the importance of your own hauora.



Devon Lowyim and Maria Montgomery

Kia ora! We’re Devon and Maria, and we would love to be your AUMSA Welfare and Arts Reps for 2019. We hope to bring a positive and energetic approach to next year, particularly focussing on mental health and self care. We see this as a topical issue that is relevant to us all as busy students. We would like to emphasise the importance of building strong support networks and checking in on each other, through events such as cookies + chats and Grafton movie nights. Leading a balanced lifestyle is also essential to our well being, so we would like to incorporate events such as self-defense classes and a talent showcase to help build our sense of belonging within ourselves and our community. We are always around and up for a chat, so if you see us please come say hey!



Education Representatives

Anneke and Fatima

Meeting in their Physics 160 workshops, Anneke and Fatima have since shared their passion for education. With Anneke being as Type A as you can get, and Fatima trying to calm her down, together, they have a few kickin’ ideas to implement. Recognising that Marcus and Michelle have collected an amazing oasis of resources, the education-rep-wannabes want to put initiatives in which students learn how to efficiently maximise learning. This would include tutorials and study “how-to’s” – maybe even a flowchart tutorial! Aside from the “learning to learn” aspect of their campaign, they also want to provide support for Progress Test taking to smooth the transition to clinical years. Inviting lecturers to consolidate module content with a diagnostic perspective to these questions is something they hope will allow Phase 1 students to bridge the gap between their theory-based learning and future profession


Isaac and Fiona

We believe that the education of individuals is as important as the experience of the whole student body. With that in mind, we intend to be a safe and supportive team for any student to approach, while expanding on previous educational events.

Bred in the Manawatu, Isaac studied BHSc Paramedicine before medicine. Apart from bragging about his motorbike, Isaac enjoys researching cat memes while sporting the same pair of jandals at uni every day. He won’t spoon feed you but will work with and support you through your successes and struggles.

Besides getting rats drunk for her Honours, Fiona completed a Psychology degree. In her spare time, she enjoys studying in Philson like the Asian she is. What do Fiona and Instagram have in common? Aesthetically pleasing… notes that will make any medical student drool. Like the wholesome spirit she is, when Isaac doesn’t spoon feed you, she will.



Yasmin Alsagoff and Yoon Ho Song

Meet Yoon Ho Song: Enjoys long walks down the wards and staying in IC4 until 11.45pm. This guy has the biggest heart: you’re more likely to catch him in Philson studying 142 for his tutees than his own modules! If you’re looking for someone who’ll always put your education above everything else, this is your man.

Meet Yasmin Alsagoff: Gemini. Since leaving the mighty South she’s found herself a home away from home at Philson. On top of her own studies, she is personally responsible for ensuring Yoon Ho aced 2nd year. Not to worry team, your education will be safe in her hands.

After a year of MBChB, we refuse to accept that an endless cycle of cramming for module tests is all there is to education. We believe that education encompasses knowledge and competence beyond a textbook, so we plan to promote more diverse educational opportunities for the student body. We want to organise events like Emergency Medicine, stimulating talks, and practical skills workshops. For us, being Education Reps means being active spokespeople for the education of medical students.


So let us represent you, so you can #LiveLaughLEARN !



Social Representatives

Megan Green, Jono O’Sullivan Scott, and Elsie Brown

Meet Megan the most bogan wellingtonian you’ll ever meet. She’s fizzing for social rep and can’t wait to show you that there ain’t no party like a windy welly party. Catch her in the grafton bathrooms trying to apply as much spray tan as physically possible.  

Meet Jono your standard shore boy, can be found hunting for a park in the domain with his white girl wasted VW golf. When he’s not singing in his band (talk about major heart-throb) he’ll be hanging out with the boys talking about the weekends susses but deep down he is a very sensitive guy.

Meet Elsie, she’s your token brown girl and if you know anything about her it’s probably that she dates a 5th year (we get it). On a serious not she’s a lovely gal who’s a ball of fun and is hyped to be one of your social reps for 2019.

Together we are JEM and are stoked to be running for 2019 AUMSA social reps. We aim to host many inclusive events to provide a perfect balance between stressing over med tings and rocking up to HAL labs dusty. We can talk more about how important a balanced lifestyle is but we’ll leave that for the PCS lectures, which we all attend. We’re bias but we think we’re the best team for the job (not like you have any other choice.) So vote for us!”


Sports Representatives

Sam Iwaz and David Joel Henry

Since the day DJ and his brother built a 9 hole mini-golf course in their family home, or the times he got bullied into retrieving the frisbee/tennis ball/football from the neighbour’s garden, a passion for sports has run thick in this boy’s common iliac veins.

Sam first fell in love with sports as he grew up watching football on TV, trying to emulate Cristiano Ronaldo whenever possible. Little did he know, it would only lead to consecutive defeats to the 3rd years in football, winning a wooden spoon rather than any football titles.

Together we aim to share our love for sports with everyone, and deliver exciting new ideas to get a wide range of people involved. Most of all, we’re committed to keeping up the proud history of the mighty FMHS SEABASS!!!




ND Editors

Jenny Shin, Jihae Abou El Ela, and Mitchell Tan

Ever wish you had a 4K boomerang of that one time you smashed the bus window leaving everyone stranded in Takapuna?

Between having a combined Snapchat score of +64211244178 and 69 level-1-NCEA-Design-EXCELLENCE-credits, you can guarantee we actually have the artistic capability to create a magazine capturing those regrettable moments.

Jokes aside, we intend to give you more than the juiciest gossip. Having backgrounds in art, fashion and music( you can expect actual talent. We’ve already got plans to bring in hard hitting articles written by clinicians and a weekly “Humans of Grafton” on our social media, highlighting the underappreciated men/women of our campus.


The Dream Team:

Jenny: reply time the speed of Denis Loiselle’s retirement

Jihae: reliable sober brain to document Every. Single. Thing : )

And the kicker, if we win, Mitchell WILL shave ND into his head in Grafton.


Mina Ibrahim, Michelle Hamill, and Liam Quinlan

Hey everyone, we’d like to introduce to you the Perfect ND combo!

Mina, the self-proclaimed “biggest shit talker in med”. A classic shore boy whose favourite hobby is to gym twice a month, then talk about it for the rest of the month. Apart from being the fattest gym rat in Grafton, Mina is an ex-YouTuber, and so along his 3 years of digital technology experience, we think he’d be pretty good for the role.

Michelle is our token sweet girl and our very own keyboard warrior. In order to maintain her innocent image, she refrains from any real-life banter until she is behind the screen. Michelle actually enjoys taking scenic photos in her spare time, which coupled with her preferred genre of hippy music, you already know she’s artistic AF.

Liam is the tallest generic white boy you’ve ever seen. You’d automatically think he’d be good at basketball until you’ve seen him play basketball. He’s always seen around Grafton wearing sportswear to pretend he plays sports. His lanky arms allow for picture angles never seen before such as drone shots without a drone, an exclusive skill for our team.

Vote us for ND and we promise to serve as your entertainers and take many IG worthy pics!!




3rd Year NZMSA Representative

Surya Singh


Kia Ora Koutou

A year with me you have spent

Through many an exam we went

Spin a yarn or two, I’m sure we do

Always hearing you fully though and though


Advocate for you on a national level I shall

Doing so with a big smile, I’m your pal

A friendly face! Always on the case!

Making sure you always reach 3rd Base


NZMSA! That’s the place you want me

AUMSA above the rest, that’s a certainty!

Vote for me and with delight you will gleam

I’ll always care for you with handfuls of Krispy Kreme (jk, that didn’t work)


Vote Suryacha for NZMSA 3rd Year Representative


Madison Pronk

Kia Ora, my name is Madison and I’d love to be your 3rd year NZMSA representative!

I’m passionate about helping us make the most out of our time here at med school so that we can make a difference. I’m always here to listen to the issues that matter to you and advocate on your behalf. If given the opportunity, I will make sure every student feels supported and heard on a national level.

I’m friendly and approachable with several years’ worth of experience supporting and advocating for staff and children as a swim school administrator and instructor. I’m not shy when it comes to standing up for what is right and fair.

As we make the challenging transition into the clinical environment, I would love the opportunity to ensure that each of us feels represented and empowered as the united class of 2022!


Uma Sreedhar

Kia ora Class of 2022 whānau. I’m Uma and I would be absolutely stoked to be your 3rd year NZMSA rep on AUMSA for 2019.

About me, I’m a huge fan of rugby, music and tv shows. I grew up in Wellington but the big city of Auckland and our awesome Med school has me hyped for an even better year to come next year.

I know I’d be a quality rep for you and all your bright ideas because I love to see empowered students driving change. I’ve had volunteer roles with organisations like UN Youth NZ and CanTeen so I can promise to represent your ideas at a national level and promote unity among us all.

I’m always happy to have a chat or lend a helping hand so please come have a banter with me about the latest ABs game, your pets or anything else!

Vote Uma for AUMSA!!



5th Year NZMSA Representative

Sung-Min Jun

Kia Ora Class of 2020!


I want to begin by acknowledging how proud I am to have seen all of you grow and work through the clinical environment this year. As many of you know, I stepped down from class rep to take up another role which has been a challenging but fulfilling experience. Having reflected on this past year, I think there are many great things which have brought us together at our hospitals but there have also been complex issues which we are continuing to work on. NZMSA was very successful this year in advocating for the removal of the EFTS cap which affected some of you. Fifth year is notorious for its isolation and I think milestones like the EFTS cap are testament to the fact that when we work together, anything is possible. My goal is to work with the class reps and NZMSA executive to empower, equip and engage you to make meaningful steps towards fostering wellbeing.

All the best for OSCES <3

Thomas Seaton

I’m Thomas and I’m running for NZMSA 5th year for 2019! I’ve been heavily involved in the NZMSA team this year as the communications officer. In 2019 I wanted to continue my work there by representing the 5th year students on the executive. I’m passionate and committed about the student voice on decisions affecting our futures, and I want to help represent your views on a national level! Having sat on NZMSA for a year, I’m familiar with the internal workings of the organisation, and know many of the other student representatives well. I’ll be based in Auckland next year, so I hope to be able to liaise directly with both AUMSA and NZMSA to best achieve representing student’s thoughts and concerns. Thanks and vote Thomas for NZMSA 5th year rep 2019!



Waitemata representative

Marcus Lau

Hi everyone, you may recognise me from other roles like education rep 2018 and being the target of old people jokes since the 1950’s. If not, I’m Marcus, I’m a super grad and super keen to be your Waitemata site rep for 2018. Waitemata is quickly becoming a site that is being recognised for great clinical experience and I would love to be a part of improving all the relationships that are involved in that. I will be the friendly approachable face that all clinical students in Waitemata can approach for any problem from administration to your welfare. I am passionate about representing you to improve your clinical experience efficiently and quickly. I will work closely with the faculty to provide you with programmes that you want and am confident in presenting any feedback you have to them as well. I look forward to meeting all of you through the coming year!!! p.s. dont vote no confidence please <3



Auckland representative

Shebani Farik

Kia ora koutou!

I am passionate about medical education and initiatives that promote a safe, inclusive and supportive learning environment for students.

This year as the Waitemata Site representative, my priority was ensuring that students were provided with opportunities to have the best clinical experience, and also had access to mentorship from experienced individuals.

Next year I hope to continue to advocate for clinical students as a TI at Auckland City hospital, and look forward to liaising with faculty to ensure that issues relating to your attachments and wellbeing are addressed appropriately.

I’m always keen for a yarn over some coffee, so please don’t hesitate to approach me with any questions or queries.

Many thanks J


Tim Hall

Hi there, my name is Tim and I will be a TI at Auckland City Hospital (ACH) in 2019. It’s no secret that when you’re having fun, you’re more interested in learning! I want to promote a friendly and collegial atmosphere to ensure an enjoyable learning experience for all clinical students based at ACH next year.

In addition, I spent my 4th year at ACH and during this time one issue that arose was difficulty in finding adequate space and facilities to practise clinical examinations with colleagues in preparation for clinical assessments (e.g. for mini-CEX’s, OSCE’s, TI long case). If elected as the 2019 Auckland site rep then I intend to liaise with the MPD to try and negotiate this problem and provide a confirmed space for clinical students to practise examinations (possibly through increasing access to the Clinical Skills Centre rooms).


Middlemore representative

Vanshay Bindra

The role of South Auckland Rep requires someone can stick up for anyone and everyone not only in the DHB but also in the University and AUMSA setting. I bring to the table experience from being the sponsorship officer for AUMSA in 2018 and student representative on the board of my high school for two years. A quality that I pride myself on is my ability to challenge authority when needed  which  believe is crucial to this role as it upholds accountability. I am diligent, organised and most importantly also a student meaning that I will always try to maximise the benefits we as a student body reap. I hope to be able to represent the students at this site as I wish to see all students reach their full potential with all the pastoral support they need. My commitment to AUMSA and our students is unwavering and incontestable.


Bri Northey

Kia ora, I’m Bri Northey.

I am currently a fifth year in the Pukawakawa Programme. I will be a TI in Middlemore Hospital next year and would love to be your Clinical Site Rep! I am approachable, easy to get along with and keen to help whenever/however I can. I can be your first port of call for any queries or concerns about the hospital or attachments. 🙂



Waikato representative

Sam Robertson

Kia ora! My name is Sam and I am stoked to be running for Waikato Site Rep for 2019. The role of site rep is to advocate for the educational, emotional and social wellbeing of all the students in the mighty Tron and I would love to be your voice.

Through engaging in med school life I have learnt skills which I think would help make me a great representative for you. Being a Social Rep this year I have gained an understanding of how AUMSA runs and directing the Med Revue has taught me how to listen to and manage a large and varied group of people.

I know that entering 4th year next year I’m not the most aware of the struggles of clinical students, but I am eager to listen, eager to learn and will do my best!

So vote for Sam to rep your fam!


Elaine del Mundo-Ramos

Kia ora. I’m Elaine, and I’d love to be your 2019 Waikato site representative.

AUMSA has done remarkable work on our behalf, and my vision is to continue and further

drive their advocacy to empower clinical students and ensure those issues that are

important to us are not only heard but actioned.

My goals are to (1) promote active student engagement and consultation in relevant issues,

(2) ensure student’s academic, social, mental health and wellbeing are looked after, (3) use

the site’s budget in valuable and enjoyable activities like mock OSCE’s and social events, and

(4) be the person you can approach and confide to knowing that your best interest is my


I am strong-willed, capable, passionate and committed. I am a Hamilton local, wife and

mom to an adorable 2 y/o boy & I am also ready to serve you as site rep and make your next

year a successful and memorable experience. Ngā mihi.




Lakes representative

Jacob Waelen

Hey everyone! I’d like to be the Rotorua clinical rep.

I don’t have a good reason – I just think it might be fun.

I’d appreciate your vote. Cheers, and Ngā mihi.



Jibi Kunnethedam

Kia Ora,

I’m Jibs and I’ll hopefully be a TI in Rotorua next year (given I can pass 5th year). I’ve had the pleasure of being involved with AUMSA since I first joined the exec as a 2nd year, and I’d love to finish my time as a medical student using my experience and skills to improve our educational curriculum for all future students. I’ve previously served on the Board of Studies and worked with a number of faculty leaders through my roles in AUMSA, NZMSA, the DiTC, the NZMA board and the MoH.

We have a high quality list of candidates and regardless of who wins these elections AUMSA will be in safe hands. Unfortunately, I won’t be around for campaign week this year (#TaranakiCohort), but if you want to hear more from me or just have a chat please slide into my DMs anytime!