Anneke Tomkins


Tēnā koutou katoa! My name is Anneke Tomkins and with upmost excitement I am pleased to announce I am running for AUMSA president. My past experience on the council has given me insight into the hard work that goes on behind the scenes within each portfolio. My 2020 vision for the AUMSA council is provide transparency into this work in order to provide an opportunity for all medical students to collaborate on topical discussions with the council. Through informative newsletters and open discussions, I hope to bring to the surface AUMSA’s current goals in a way which is accessible for all students to advocate for. Additionally, an area which I believe has significant potential is the role of the clinical site reps. By defining the expectations of this role, I hope to establish more structure for clinical students to have support networks and opportunities to come together with their colleagues. I would love the opportunity to talk to more on my campaign, so if you see me around please come have a chat with me!


Vice-President Education


Hilary Barker

Kia ora, my name is Hilary. I’m an ex-AUMSA education rep, originally from the ‘Tron, and next year I will be a 5th year based at Auckland City Hospital. On to the important stuff – here’s just a taster of what I want to do for you.

Clinicals and soon-to-be clinicals (i.e. everyone) – it’s a far too common occurrence to find out more about a run from your peers than from the medical programme. This is a huge problem – it means you can go into a run with next to no clue about the assignments and not knowing about all the resources that actually are there for us, but that are hidden in the atrocious maze that is the MBChB portal or in the dark depths of a folder on Canvas. This needs to change. As Vice-President Education, my vision would be to bring about significant changes to the outdated online resources currently on offer, so we can spend less time in a struggle for information and more time doing the things we want to do.


Marcus Lau

HI!!!  I’m Marcus, and for the last 2 years I have been passionate about representing everyone in all things education.  From half an education rep to the site rep for the mighty Waitemata, the only next logical next step is to take the leap to VPE to make your voices heard at the decision making table.  I promise to represent you all with persistence and passion to make your time through the degree as enjoyable as possible.  Next year, I aim to focus on developing a mentoring network that creates a hub for the student mentoring programmes to operate from, to improve its reach to students and more university support for the programmes themselves.   I also hope to improve the transition from pre-clinical to clinical years as well as from clinical years to post graduate years.

I am looking forward to hearing all your feedback through the year and am looking forward to working with you all to make these improvements a reality.

Vote now, Vote Lau for VPE 2020


Mu-Ming Pan

Kia Ora everyone, Mu-Ming here and I’d love to be your VPE. Approaching my final year I have seen the various challenges we all face throughout medical school. Personally I struggled with pre-clinical learning, and this year truly appreciated the disconnection felt by many 5th years. In talking to people of all year levels, everyone has faced difficulties of their own, similar and different to mine. Seeing this, it is my goal to create a better experience for everyone.

2020 is a critical year where the University will be reviewing and making changes to the curriculum. This means student engagement and advocacy is more important than ever to ensure your voices are heard and all changes are in your best interest. My key areas of focus is to advocate for effective teaching at all levels, create more support for students at all clinical sites,  and engaging the student perspective throughout the process. As VPE I will always listen to your views, and be your voice, advocating for your learning.

Vote Mu-Ming. Your voice, Your VPE.


Vice-President Administration


Tommy Hayes

Kia ora koutou my name is Tommy Hayes. You may recognise me from places such as the anatomy lab, Planet Espresso and Shooter’s Saloon.

For those who don’t know me I love having a good time. For those that do know me, shhhh. For everybody, vote for me!

However good times require admin. Yep, even the most chill day at the beach requires admin. Heck even a Sunday morning excursion to the library requires all sorts of admin.

Someone has to open the doors, turn the lights on. You have to find some motivation, get out of bed, get to the sunny doors of Grafton. But wait, the library is closed until midday. “WTF?!”, you say.

But then you see me sitting there in the sun, empathetically watching your struggle. “Don’t worry,” I say, “I know a guy.” And I swipe you in on the dot of 8:00am, and hand you the exam answers for your exam the next day. ‘Cardiovascular System’. “I know a guy.”

Vote for me, and I will be that guy.


Joshua McCormack

I am Josh McCormack and I am running for Vice President Administration (VPA).

I have quality chat and can serve tough love when needed.

One of the major tasks the VPA role encompasses is organising the production of AUMSA merchandise. Keeping it honest, I am definitely the most-suited candidate to co-ordinate clothing – I didn’t spend all that time in the closet for nothing!

For all you clinical students, I have a vision for merchandise that benefits you. There are only so many ‘School of Medicine’ hoodies you can buy at medical school. Why vote for someone who will give you the same merchandise options in your clinical years that you had in pre-clinical years?

I will establish an inter-cohort design competition for two merchandise categories: ‘classic’ and ‘what a classic!’. This maintains an option to buy the more vanilla, traditional merchandise, but will also give you iconic, limited-edition content that will keep your merchandise options fresh and fruity each year.

More ideas to come! Watch out for my campaign!


Woojin Wang

Kia Ora whānau,

My name is Woojin Wang, but most people call me Wooj! I am very excited to be running for VPA! This year I have had amazing experiences, made many new friends and have really grown as an individual. AUMSA has no doubt played a significant part in this and I would like to be able to give this experience and better, to others as well.

Being a Korean who grew up in West Auckland, I consider myself a hybrid of Asian, European and Maori culture that is portrayed perfectly by a well-ripened banana: white on the inside, yellow on the outside, with brown spots all over. This has allowed me to have a strong awareness of different cultures, as well as an open mind, which I believe are crucial in order to be approachable and understanding. With these qualities, commitment and a listening ear, I will strive to make a better student experience and create an environment where students will always feel supported, included and ‘at home’.

So go on, vote! #WinWithWooj




Holly Cook

Hi my name is Holly Cook and I would love to be your secretary for 2020.

For 2020 my vision is clear 🙂 I have 3 main goals for my role.

  1. Support and organise the other members to the best of my ability.
  2. Ensure that the AUMSA ship continues to sail smoothly, but also forward as it builds on what the previous executives have achieved.
  3. Contribute to creating our great sense of community, welcoming the new 2nd years and being able to facilitate new ideas.

I have held many previous roles within charities, councils, sports and leadership groups which have honed my skills and prepared me to be your secretary.

This year I have been able to juggle different jobs and tasks alongside uni (including being flat-mum) managing my time effectively. I am proactive and solution focused. I am very organised, have great communication skills, love colour-coded spreadsheets and have never had a cleaner flat kitchen.

Hopefully, you can see the right choice for 2020.

Vote HC for secretary!


Ashley Potter

Kia ora tātou, 

My name is Ashley Potter (yes that’s Potter as in Harry!) and I would absolutely love to be your AUMSA secretary for 2020! 

I froth the old excel sheet and would love to be able to put my organisational skills to good use! 

The secretarial role involves several responsibilities, many of which include communications with the student body. If selected, I would ensure that all messages are kept to the point, i.e. short and sweet!

Just as Harry was the chosen one, so do I want to be your chosen one for AUMSA secretary 2020! So… Vote thumbs up for ASHLEY as AUMSA Secretary!



Oliver Bernau

Kia Ora!

I’m Oliver and I am ecstatic to be running as your AUMSA 2020 Treasurer! This role is no joke and you can account on me to keep the books in check.

I graduated as a Senior Scholar with a Conjoint in Commerce (Accounting & Finance) and Science and have worked in finance for the last few years, so I know a few shortcuts in Excel. That’s not to say I will be taking any shortcuts if I am elected. I am reliable, honest and passionate about working with other elected AUMSA members to make sure everything runs smoothly.

After speaking with our current Treasurer, I believe I am up to the job and have a few ideas on improvements to be made. I’m keen to build on AUMSA’s success and contribute to wonderful year ahead.

Bank on good returns, vote Oliver for Treasurer 2020!


Alexandria Lim

Alex is your friendly local (and typical) Shore girl, with hair longer than her bus rides to and from uni every day. She’s an absolute sucker for a bargain, so when she’s not scoping out cute dogs, you can find her trying out the CBD’s cheapest eats or seeking out a better deal than her $10 Prada bag. While she doesn’t have a commerce degree, she does have the fantastic foundation of NCEA Level 1, 2, 3 and Scholarship Accounting (weird flex but ok) as well as experience working with accounting software. As an avid organiser, attention detailed and hard-working individual, almost nothing brings her more satisfaction than numbers balancing out in her financial statements. After working in a stock warehouse over three consecutive summers (where she cannot be reached by angry customers), she makes the perfect behind the scenes worker and can promise to commit to consistently putting time and care into organising finances for all events and causes throughout the year!


Sponsorship Officer


Ben Madsen

Hey! My name is Ben Madsen and I am running for AUMSA sponsorship rep 2020. After being a member of the 2018 social rep team that ran the biggest social rep portfolio to date I have successfully survived a year in Waikato Hospital (touch wood) and now I am coming back to the big smoke! With ever rising rent prices, coffee and avocado addictions not to mention all the parking tickets that you inevitably from not checking Grafton domain parking patrol regularly enough, things can start to add up. The last thing we need at AUMSA is expensive tickets, limited free lunches and a severe lack of personalised MAS kit. Long story short, I’m even going to save on word count so vote for Ben Madsen for sponsorship rep.


Communications Officer


Lucy Waldin

Hi all! My name is Lucy Waldin and I am very excited to be running for Communications Officer for 2020.

A bit about me. Originally from the rural roots of Rotorua, I spent undergrad in Dunedin before moving my way up in the world to grace Auckland Med School with my presence.

My goal for this role is to maintain and increase the online presence of AUMSA, as well as working with others in AUMSA and interest groups around Grafton to promote events and opportunities for med students.

One thing I would love to achieve if I were elected would be bring AUMSA out from under a rock and into the light of social media that is Instagram!

Vote Lucy for Communications!

Social Representatives


Georgia Carpenter, Grace Robinson & Tom Winter

We are Georgia, Tom, and Grace, but you can call us GTG. We want to represent you for all of your social needs next year! 

Georgia is a veteran attendee of AUMSA events, so she’s seen her fair share of hits and misses. Throughout her time there’s been flat stops at pub-crawls, alcohol at soiree and gasless cocktail parties.

As a former president of the Linguistics Society, Tom can lay claim to having organized some of Auckland Uni’s biggest raves. As a natural giver, he’s here to listen and make sure everyone’s needs are met. 

Grace spent 4 years down in the dirty dunnas so needless to say she knows a thing or two about a good party. She brings the hecticness and hilarity to this trio. 

As GTG we recognize variety is the spice of life, so whatever does it for you we want to offer. Keep an eye out for us during campaign week as we may have a couple of surprises up our sleeve.


Joe Mettrick, Zoe Smith & Tom Swinburn

Who would have thought an alty, undergrad from Welly, a gap-year entry JAFA, and a washed-up Dunners postgrad would even attempt to rep you and your social life next year. With all this diversity we really are stellar middle ground for everyone, am I right? Guess you could call us ThE InBeTwEeNeRs… aka Joe, Tom and Zoe.

As your reps we’ll keep all the classics you know and love whilst adding a few new traditions. We want a wine and cheese. We want shindigs during formal learning (looking at you, clinicals). We want to up our social responsibility with a GC stein (good cause…ha…raise a glass to raise awareness). And, we want to suss sober days that could lead into not-so-sober nights #catertoeverycrowd. But most of all we want to field ideas from you because we, like all the social reps who came before us, want it to be a damn good year for EVERYONE.

Check out our event for more.

Much love xx


Education Representatives


Beatrice Everall & Loredana Podolska-Kint

Hello there! We are running for Education Reps 2020 because we are passionate about knowledge, organising events, and finding better ways to learn. We will aim to make the transition into Med School as smooth as possible for the new Second Years, and to ensure that study continues smoothly for our cohort in Third Year.

Fun facts about us:

  • Bea has 6 cats, hates tomatoes, but loves tomato sauce!
  • Lory writes poetry and loves the Phantom of the Opera.
  • We have both done tutoring and are Medsci demonstrators.

As well as the official Education events, we plan to organise a short seminar at the end of each Second and Third Year module. This will be an opportunity for older students to get semi-formal teaching experience, and would also be open to any clinical students wanting to refresh their knowledge.

We would love to talk to you if you have any questions or ideas about what we might do as Education Reps! Come and find us in Row 4 in lectures, or message us on Facebook!


Olivia Hofer & Hugo Jamieson

Meet Liv and Hugo, they’re not very tall, but they’ve got big ideas. With 2x the determination, 2x the experience and 2 friendly faces to approach, they’re the perfect duo to take on as your AUMSA Education Reps for 2020. Along with keeping up the amazing work from this year’s reps, they have a few things to add of their own.

They’d love to see more of your pretty faces at lectures (and ‘apparently’ it’s great for learning) so they plan on developing a system where the slides you see in the lecture theatre match those in your course guides.

For the clinicals out there, they hope to expand the 4th year/TI buddy system currently offered only at Waitemata to all clinical sites to ease the transition into the clinical years. These ideas are only the beginning!

They’re the heroes, you want, need and deserve. They really care about your education and are determined to do all they can to make a more successful and less stressful year for all.



Aziz Mehmood & Nicole Xue

Ever since Nicole and Aziz met on their first day of university, they’ve been working as each other’s personal education representatives. With their combined eight-years of tertiary study, they bring vast expertise, efficiency, and know-how to the job. Between Nicole being academic prefect in school, and Aziz – well, never-mind, they’ve got the organizational skills to have you covered.

We appreciate that previous Education Representatives have collected wonderful resources, saving everyone’s lives, and hope to add to these for years above and below. We also get you can’t make it to every lab or lecture, so we’re hoping to gather as much material we can to make sure you never fall behind. We want to supplement relevant aspects of theory that you’re learning to make sure you’re well prepared for clinical years (and progress tests), not just to get those A+’s (though we’ll help you there too). We’ll make sure you get to keep flexing those med hoodies you’ve been working so hard for.

To achieve your goal, vote Nicole, to learn with ease, vote Aziz!


Tajpreet Padda & Nick Sangkaew

Nick might just be the biggest threat to trees with the amount of printing he’s done and he might as well pour paint onto his notes instead of highlighting. But like a beta blocker, he’s aiming to help you relax and decrease not only your BP but also the pressure of med school.

The ‘Urban Dictionary’ defines Tajpreet as someone with a fetish for tiny people, while we can neither confirm or deny this, we CAN say she has a fetish for education. Don’t ask Taj where she’s from, her ethnicity is as ambiguous as Colleen’s radiology content. Ask her anything education related and she’ll talk for days. 

Jokes aside, our campaign encompasses advocating learning for learning’s sake, as we aim to create an environment where we can discuss how there is more to your education than grades. Through initiatives such as NZ Sign Language (NZSL) classes and a mentoring system between second and third years, we aim to build on developing a holistic approach to education whilst encouraging active learning.


Sports Representatives


Nusr Ghamri & Matthew Stirling

Nusr is a football prodigy, scattering competition with brutal finishes. While Matt swam his way out of the womb wearing speedos into the NZ National waterpolo team. With their dynamic amphibian skillset, they aim to evolve Seabass to new heights and championship titles.

Medicine provides more than its fair-share of stress and anxiety. However, we believe that sport and exercise can make med a more pleasant experience. Inclusiveness is the aim of the campaign; we will  provide a variety of kick-ass events that everyone can get behind. Whether you prefer tackling, slam dunking or strategic pawn movement, we are here for you. Step out of the darkness of Philson and into the Shadows for our post-game celebrations.

Our predecessors lacked height and despite what people say, SIZE DOES MATTER. We bring the full package; boasting above average height, dedication to the mighty SEABASS and athleticism beyond your wildest dreams. We will work tirelessly alongside other reps to bring you the best the faculty has to offer and make your 2020 a year to remember.


Anthony Benfell & Ishan Naik

Meet Ishan, your classic sportaholic, he’ll never pass up on the offer to watch a sports game (even if it’s in a lecture). Ishan fell in love with sport at a young age, some say he was born with a racquet in his hand and grew up watching his idol Roger Federer.

Meet Anthony “leg-cramp” Benfell, whose backup career is becoming a blackcap. His FMHS interfaculty indoor cricket title (that he won’t stop talking about) is definitely his biggest achievement this year. Although he peaked in high school, he refuses to leave his enthusiasm for sport behind.

Ishan and Anthony are big about tradition. They aim to uphold the proud history of the faculty, whilst also serving up fresh ideas to improve and create new experiences for everyone to be a part of. They also hope to share their passion for sport and loyalty to the faculty and grow the support and pride of the mighty FMHS Seabass.

Want to take your sports game to the next step?

Vote Ant and Ish for sports rep!!!


Terence Hill & Syed Nabi

Are you a pro athlete? A weekend warrior? Think you’re the next Messi because you scored some goals in a social game like Syed, or maybe you think you could’ve made the Breakers squad if you “tried” in high school like Terence does?

If you’re answering yes to any of the above, then you’ve come to the right people. To us, sports is all about taking a break, giving it a solid go and having a great time: so we’re all about making sure our little big med family gets as many opportunities as possible to do so. We’ve got ideas that we want to carry out and build on, but we need you to #trusttheprocess and help us get there. Now that you know our names and the averagely photoshopped faces, come over and say hi when you see us around and talk about anything on your mind: we’d love to have a chat. Here’s to a sick as 2020. Chur.


Arts and Welfare Representatives


Hamza Arain & Jessica Dallas

Kia Ora!

We would like to be your Arts and Welfare Reps for 2020!

Hamza, a professional procrastinator, has perfected the craft of finding unsuspecting victims for meaningful and wholesome chats. Spending 70% of his time socializing, 20% netflixing and 10% whining about failing, he knows what good work-life balance is. Jess, a professional napper, is willing to sleep through any lecture. Come 2pm you can find her asleep in Philson, using her utterly neglected course guide as a pillow.

We know how stressful Med school can be, so we want to make sure you guys don’t neglect your mental health! Whether it be a cookie and hot chocolate in the morning, or simply a person to talk to, we want to make your day that little bit more positive. In addition to continuing traditions such as Welfare week and movie nights (date nights for some ;)), we want to introduce events that let you show off your creativity!

So if it’s been Araining on your day, we’ll be there to make it go away!


Aniket Chawla & Kate Dunstall

Kate is a postgrad from the Dirty South (#dunnerstunner #breatherette), with a degree in Psychology/Māori (so she’s basically already a Welfare kween). Despite her resting b*tch face, she claims to actually be quite nice. When she’s not attending every lecture, you can find her being a kickass ambulance officer and doing LiTeRaLlY anything to boost serotonin 😉

Reigning all the way from the Shore, this future Bollywood hero (#plzcometodance) is a welfare force to be reckoned with. Whether he’s leading at the front or pushing from behind, you can count on him to pioneer discussion (both serious and bants). His main goal in life is to be Meredith Grey or Anuj Bhargava, but don’t tell Anuj that.

To us, this role is about keeping spirits high through welfare, arts, and culture. We want to introduce beginner’s Te Reo classes, Grafton’s Got Talent, and Food Truck Fridays (along with the classics, like Bob Ross, yoga, and DOGS). Ultimately, we just want to be here for our whānau, and make sure everyone gets to live, laugh, love.


Niamh Conlon & Joachim Tan

Joachim is most likely to be seen carrying old books which he swears are actually interesting. You can (easily) find him at Hard-to-Find Books. He moved to New Zealand from Singapore in 2007, so loves learning and sharing different cultures, and thinks he knows how to play hockey without kicking the ball… maybe.

Niamh has been known to say that the only reason she wouldn’t come to lectures is if she was dead. She can be found without fail in the middle of the third row, or wandering around the domain commenting on the grass quality. She’s friendly, outgoing, and loves a cheeky cuppa.

Medicine is a life of service to others, but we think it’s imperative that we take care of ourselves and each other too. They say stress is contagious, but so is joy, and we want to bring you guys some of those feel-good moments! Join us as we appreciate the small things, spread a bit of kindness, jam to Superfino’s smooth jazz, and brew too much nectarine tea!


ND Editors


Angela Cheng, Daniel Chow & Cinjah McCarthy

A picture is worth a thousand words. In this case, one: Tea.

Not budget Dilmah tea, but that quality boujee T2 kind that middle-aged Remuera Karens are willing to vaccinate over.

Angela boasts 100% attendance at all AUMSA events so you can be promised a supply of photos immortalising every cheeky vom, risqué hookup and dislocated knee in 2020. She will provide clap that clap tea clap

Daniel ‘memelord’ Chow has many skills 😉 so watch out ladies, this sexy beast will shoot his shot with his Canon Powershot G7 X Mark 2 and leave you wanting more.

You might catch Cinjah on the d floor at social events, camera in one hand and woah-ing with the other. Expect some quality photoshopping skillz and bantzz xo

When you think ND, you think:

Tasteful Gossip.

Borderline Magazines.

Risqué Photos.

Swipe right on Cinjah, Angela and Daniel, vote now and match with them as your ND Editors 2020.


Nejo Joseph, David Lin & Linda Wang

Why do we want to be ND editors? Well, this started off as a way for Nejo to slide into a certain ND editor’s dms but with David and Linda on the team it blossomed into a steamy romance with the people of grafton. As ND editors, we want to make a magazine that’s relatable and more inclusive for everyone in medical school. We reckon there’s a lot of people out there with amazing stories who don’t get a chance to share them, and we want to change that as editors of the campus magazine. However, we’re still keen for some goss in the mix and we promise to take the perfect insta worthy photos for ya’ll (we don’t even need a camera just instant noodles – look at photo for reference). So consider voting for David, Linda and Nejo, your friendly neighbourhood ND (the N stands for neighbourhood). @ND editor of my dreams, if you’re reading this, I think you accidentally left me on seen haha x


3rd Year NZMSA Rep


Serena Peng

From that day we arrived in med school

And blinking, stepped into lecture rooms

There’s more to see than can ever be seen

More to do than can ever be done

There’s far too much to take in here

More to stressed than can ever be stressed

But the sun rolling high through the sapphire sky

Serena’s here to help you shine

I’m Serena Peng, yr2 med student, pup & cat owner, former RMO advisor in ADHB who decided to quit managing doctors and become a doctor myself.

I understand how stressful the environment can be for us. Being an NZMSA rep can allow me to use my knowledge of policy-making and health system, to help shape a better future for us all.

I would like to focus on 2 points if I were elected: depression among students; your concerns.

I know I am not alone, I have you all.

“Hello, it is her that you are looking for.”- Lionel Richie

“Best hooman ever, you should vote.”- Beaubeau

“Why you do doctor yet?!”- Mom


Madison Randall

Kia ora, e te whānau. Ko Madi ahau, and I would be honoured to represent you all as your 3rd year NZMSA rep for 2020!

For those who don’t know me, I come from the land you all seem to love to invade in summer- Tauranga, but my whānau whakapapa back to land in Northland. I’m a bit of a feen for makeup, always down for a Netflix binge, and I’m completely obsessed with dogs.

I would love to represent you all and expand on the whakaaro many of you have shared. I want to tautoko and empower you by creating space for whanaungatanga; a space where you feel that your voices are valid, behind heard, and are being fought for.

I am the keenest of beans have a bit of a kōrero, spin some yarns, and get to know many of you better. Come say hi (or show me pictures of your dogs xoxo) and lets chat!

Arohanui <3


5th Year NZMSA Rep


Mohammad Al-Diery

My name is Mohammad Al-Diery and I think I’m the right person for the job as 5th Year NZMSA Representative. I had the privilege of being AUMSA’s Treasurer in 2018, a very challenging but highly rewarding role that required great time management and organisational skills as well as the ability to make tough decisions. I feel the skills I gained from this role along with many years being a part of committees and sporting teams are well suited to this position. I have a deep passion for improving the environment medical students are learning and growing in. I understand how important it is that our voices be heard and I feel this role is the ideal position for someone like myself to give these many diverse voices a platform to which change can be made. I count myself as a team player and understand that any group greater than the sum of its individual parts. Vote for me for 5th Year NZMSA Representative so I can be a cog in the wheel of change.


Michaela Mack

Kia Ora! I’m Michaela Mack and I would love to be your NZMSA Rep! I am passionate about what NZMSA stands for – representing and empowering medical students, advocating on issues of importance and promoting wellbeing. It would be an honour to continue the work that Emily and others have done in helping to bring more exposure about who NZMSA are and how they can help us, particularly into our clinical years. If I were to be elected, I would make it a priority to stay engaged and connected with our class, keep an ear to the ground and create a space for open communication, to ensure that I could be a strong voice for our year in NZMSA discussions. Ultimately, I have a huge amount of love, respect and gratitude for our year group and it would be a privilege to serve our class in an organisation that strives to look out for us on a national level and ensure that we have the best possible student experience.


Natasha van der Walt

Hi there!

I am Tash (Natasha). I would love to be your NZMSA 5th year rep. As your representative I will endeavour to ensure that the diverse voices of our cohort are heard and that through this our student experience is improved. I would like to be apart of the important work that NZMSA do and to continue to facilitate the inclusion and participation of our class.


6th Year NZMSA Rep


Charlie Lin

Kia Ora,

My name is Charlie and I would love to represent you as the 2020 NZMSA TI Representative.

In 2019, my role on NZMSA as the Wellbeing Officer has seen me actively organise the Wellbeing Focus Month, the conference’s Wellbeing Panel, launching the pilot 4th year/SMO mentoring program, and working behind the scenes on policy and advocacy issues such as clinical working hours and wellbeing safety at events. I have a strong passion for medical student wellbeing and would love the opportunity to continue on with some of the work that I’ve started this year.

Another project that I’ve started working on is advocating for a more structured and appropriate policy around taking leave as clinical students. Along with this, I hope to act as a voice for our class for other issues that we might face as TIs.

Thank you for reading. Your vote is greatly appreciated!


Waitematā Rep


Mitchell Tan

Kia ora whānau! My name is Mitchell Tan, and I’d love to be your representative out in the distant lands of the Shore for 2020. Despite the fact that it’ll be my first foray into clinical life, I believe that I possess the skills to facilitate the best learning environment for all students based in Waitematā. These include an intense steamy passion for learning, altruism and the crippling need to be a people pleaser.

Growing up in dingy ole Lower Hutt has given me the skills to deal with the most steadfast ignorance, and I’ll have your back all the way through. Racist consultant? No, we don’t eat dogs that’s very insensitive. Misogyny? I’ll have you know both my female colleagues and I are all not doctors.

Having fulfilled both leadership roles (as deputy head boy in high school) and roles as an admin lord (as a part of ND in 2019), I believe I have what it takes foster and maintain the relationships needed to make our clinical years the best of our lives.


Jaymee McNab-Hand

Hey everyone, my name is Jaymee and I am keen on being the 2020 Waitematā Site Rep.  With experience of being one half of the 2017 AUMSA and FMHS Sports-Reps, I have had first-hand experience of being on the AUMSA executive and how to work in an amazing team to lead AUMSA and FMHS to great heights.

Having lived on the North Shore since I was 5 years old, I know the ins and outs of Waitematā, also having worked at North Shore Hospital one Summer, I know the hospital quite well.  Being a fifth year next year, and repeating third year, I know how hard both clinical and pre-clinical can be and the transition from pre-clinical to clinical.

With my experience – both personal and professional – I believe that I will be a great site rep.  I’ll be a shoulder to lean on, somebody for you to talk to, and most importantly I will fight for what’s important to you.  

So vote Jaymee McNab-Hand for Waitematā Site Rep


Auckland City Rep


Sam Robertson

Kia ora! I’m Sam and I’m stoked to be running for Auckland City Site Rep. Being Waikato Site Rep this year I feel I have an understanding about the site rep role and the problems with it. The role is not clear, which is a key problem and needs to be addressed. If I was elected again I fully intend to help to improve this to help the advocacy of future students.

With 2 years of experience in AUMSA council, I feel I have a good understanding of how council works and how to ensure issues that are important are brought to those who can make a change.

AUMSA has an important role in advocating for clinicals and site reps could be utilised more. I am hopeful that I can work with the VPE to help ensure that the role of site rep meets its potential.

I would love your vote, I believe my experience is what AUMSA needs to ensure the good work and intentions of site reps now and future is not wasted.


Nick Wilson

Kia ora

I am a super graduate student. Previously studying engineering and have worked in construction for a few years. Medicine was a change in tack. One of the reasons, was that I was interested in mental health. A problem that I feel that medicine deals with poorly as a profession. I feel like doctors that have their own positive mental health practices are much more likely to be effective as practitioners in this field. These practices/skills can develop over medical school. Clinical years are typically associated large amounts of challenge as well as reduced compassion. As a site rep I feel I would be able to support students. I am comfortable advocating for people, being in the work environment, and am hard working and motivated. Give us a vote so I can be a genuine advocate at the Auckland Site.


South Auckland Rep


Hannah Clare

Kia ora everybody. I’m Hannah, a current BMedSc(Hons) student. I will be a TI at Middlemore in 2020 and would love to be your site rep. Having done my fourth and fifth year placements at three very different hospitals (Waikato, Tauranga, and Whakatāne), I’ve had exposure to the whole spectrum of highs and lows that med student life can offer and am keen to share my experiences with the Middlemore cohort. I’m approachable, empathetic, and passionate about student wellbeing. My aim would be to create strong teaching and peer support networks within the hospital, especially between members of different year groups; I know first hand how much easier clinical years are when you’re part of a well-connected cohort. I also love nothing more than a good wholesome social event, so would make sure everyone is well catered-for on that front. My experience as this year’s honours class rep will help me tackle this role head-on. Ngā mihi nui and thanks for considering me.


Charlotte Stuart

Kia ora koutou!

I’m Charlotte (but call me Char) and I’m running for South Auckland rep.

After a year off doing honours I’m ready to come back guns blazing into clinical placements, and want to do whatever I can to give everyone the best experience possible at the South Auckland campus. I’m keen to get the different year levels involved together and to help out wherever I can. I’m always happy for a chat (especially if it’s over a coffee) and want to make sure everyone has a great experience, so if you have any concerns or questions about the hospital or attachments, I can be your go to. I want to provide a welcoming and collegial learning environment for all the clinical students, particularly the newer fourth years. In addition, I’d like to organise not only tutorials for OSCE practice, but also social events, to meet up with other South Auckland colleagues and share a naan and some good hospital stories.


Cameron Tuckey

My name is Cam Tuckey and I’m absolutely fizzing to be running for South Auckland Site Rep for 2020!

This year I’ve had the absolute privilege of being the President of AUMSA. One of my primary goals this year was to morph AUMSA into an association that works just as hard for it’s clinical students as it does for it’s preclinicals. Although we made major strides in this direction, there is still a long way to go. This is something I’m eager to be apart of!

Working closely with the site reps this year has given me insight into what works and what doesn’t. I would love the opportunity to put these learnings into action!

Going into my fifth year, I’m invested in fighting that sense of isolation felt by so many Auckland students and making sure clinical students have their voices heard! I’m passionate about finally fostering the same clinical culture in Auckland that’s present at so many out-of-Auckland sites!

If you are too…

Join the Cam-paign. Join the movement. Vote Cameron Tuckey!


Waikato Rep


Fitree Fadzlullah

Kia Ora everyone,
I am excited to be a TI (wooo, final year!) next year. Having already been here and knowing a few tricks here and there, I have a few plans up my sleeve to make sure 2020 will be a year full of activities; cultural experiences, food, clinical teaching, and social (of course) here in Waikato. Besides that, I am planning to get more sponsorship and deals for us locally. I am approachable, and close to Raewyn (the Waikato Clinical Campus manager) so, if you have any concerns that you need my help with, I will be more than happy to liaise or connect you with the right people. 😉

I refuse to be boring. So, if you want any of those, do vote for me and I will try my best not to let you down.


Many thanks,



Su-Ann Yee

Hi everyone!!!

I am super excited for the opportunity to represent the Mighty Waikato! As a born and raised Mooloo girl, I have extensive knowledge of the community in Hamilton so I believe I am perfectly suited to advocate for students questionably lucky enough to be placed in Hamilton in 2020. Though it will be my first year as a clinical student, my experiences in 2019 on the AUMSA Council have exposed me to all the trials and tribulations that this role may present and I am keen to keep developing this portfolio and help support the needs of my clinical whānau.

Importantly, I want to maintain the connections between year groups throughout clinical year groups through an active social calendar and community-based activities. Let’s make the most of what the Waikato has to offer, and even find some hidden gems along the way.

I will always do my best to get the job done, and would love to show you what I’ve got!

Ngā mihi,



Lakes Rep


Jihae Abou El Ela

I’m just here to make sure the Roto gang gets along swimmingly! Hopefully you can come to me with any problems, suggestions or just tell me about your day! Up the big happy whānau <3