Ishan Naik

Kia ora koutou! My name is Ishan Naik and I am stoked to be running for YOUR president for 2021!

Being on the council has been an absolute privilege, allowing me to be intimately involved in numerous important decisions, either as an observer or a passionate contributor. I have thoroughly enjoyed being one of your sports reps this year and I want to extend the capacity in which I can represent you next year.

AUMSA is an organisation that has had so much success in the 52 years of its existence. My aim is to uphold the traditions and legacies of those who have been in my place and to continue to grow the foundations they have laid.

Despite the bumps this year has presented, lots of work has been done in AUMSA, and it is vital to have continuation. My involvement in events such as med revue as well as organising sports exchange will ensure that AUMSA will continue to serve you next year and into the foreseeable future.

Vote Naik. Just do it.

Sam Robertson

Kia ora, my name is Sam Robertson and I’m campaigning to be your President for 2021. I’ve had a phenomenal experience at medical school and I’m passionate about ensuring every student has just as positive of an experience. 2020 has brought difficulties and disconnectedness never faced before. Right now, it’s more important than ever to build upon the great work of previous councils, innovating in the areas that make medical school great and focusing on the areas that need improvement.

The role of President is one of facilitation, representation and advocacy. My three years of experience on AUMSA councils, as a Social Rep, Clinical Site Rep for Waikato and Auckland City, and as a Med Revue Director, has given me insight in how to help the other portfolios flourish in both COVID and non-COVID times. As a 5th year student going into honours next year, my experiences provide an understanding of the issues faced by medical students across preclinical and clinical years.

I promise to bring passion, commitment and experience so Vote Sam for President!

Vice-President Education

Tom Hockey

Kia ora everyone, I’m Tom Hockey, and I’d love to be your VPE in 2021.

For those who don’t know me, I’m Hamilton-bred, and about to be a Hamilton-based TI. I love student-life balance, my dog, and watching long surgeries. Apart from that summary, I’ve served as ND editor, and on the Te Oranga and PIG execs.

As a student, I have been all over the bell curve, and found preclinical years particularly difficult. Since then, I have come out more whole, and more appreciative of all the educational aides that I have come across along the way. As VPE I hope to expand existing aides such as student-lead tutorials, as well as establish new ones.

I will advocate for your best educational interests at all times (especially so in the event of 2021 COVID curveballs) and will do what I can to help students of all year groups, all clinical cohorts, and all positions on the bell curve to maximise their 2021 in med school.

Maximise your 2021, vote Tom Hockey for VPE. Please and thank you.

Tommy Hayes

Kia ora koutou, I’m a kid from the big 09 that almost balances med school with the rest of my life. With some clinical and research time under my belt, I have a holistic understanding of the importance of education.

Getting through this nightmare year has left me well-prepared to campaign for our medical education as the highest priority for AUMSA in 2021. Regular meetings with the Faculty through the most disruptive period of the year developed strong relationships that I look to build on next year to keep things moving.

We now have a great opportunity to reflect on what worked well this year, and what didn’t, and to work closely with the Faculty to improve our curriculum as such. Clinical methods teaching for pre-clinical students is a very important issue I would like to especially focus on, to ensure that we can enter the hospitals with the confidence to learn. I also hope to make a working group to look at updating the TI grant to match inflation since 2006.

Ngā mihi nui

Vice-President Administration

Likhit Dukkipati

Tēnā koutou katoa! I’m Likhit Dukkipati and I am running for VPA. After spending an incredible few years down south studying at Otago, I am privileged to be up in Auckland studying with you all!

AUMSA is a fantastic organisation that really does care about its students. I believe I can give my 100% in the role of VPA to ensure AUMSA runs as smoothly as possible and med students just like you reap its benefits. My main focus will be to support all the AUMSA reps and the president to ensure the council runs efficiently and delivers this for you. Further I have goals for AUMSA such as increasing the transparency of the council, increasing means of support for students and having wider variety of merchandise (don’t we all love telling the world we do med 😉).

2020 has been an extremely tough year for us all but that just means we go even harder to make up for it and ensure 2021 is spectacular. I’ll get the job done and make that happen


Elena Edgar-Nemec

Hello! My name is Elena Edgar-Nemec and I am running for AUMSA Secretary 2021. You may know me best for being a bit of a Philson resident or my Grafton’s got talent pancake trick shot video. Once I got over that embarrassment I decided I could run for this position.

As secretary, I will be the reliable backbone, willing to help out wherever to assist and organise the other members! I will ensure everything runs smoothly and look after registration, documentation and general administration.

I have experience from being secretary of the Development Committee at high school and have also held leadership positions in volunteering and sports groups. I am well suited to this position because of my annoying need to always be organized and scheduled and I love admin almost as much as Seb loves showing his MRIs.

My side hobbies include competing in Triple Jump and 400m and loving a bit of Prison Break and Suits. I hope to be your secretary in 2021!


Leah Slykerman

I’m Leah, and I would love to be your AUMSA Treasurer for 2021.

Running for treasurer appeals to me because I’m an analytical thinker and I love working with numbers. I will bring to the role dependability, great organisational skills, and a drive to succeed.

Most importantly, I’m super passionate about working with others. I will ensure all financial components are communicated effectively with other council members to organise events and initiatives. I’m committed to working hard behind the scenes to help ensure AUMSA runs as smoothly as possible next year.

While I’m no wolf of wall street, with my classic med student perfectionist attitude, I believe that I’m well suited to this role; and with your vote, you can be confident that I can keep the books in order.

Have Xero doubts, vote Leah for Treasurer!

Sponsorship Officer

Jenny Luo

Hey there, I’m Jenny. I’m running for AUMSA 2021 sponsorship officer. In this role, not only do I plan on helping maintain AUMSA’s current amazing partnerships, but also create new ones. I’ll be the one reaching out to great brands and companies for support so we can keep having exciting events to look forward to throughout the year! Of course, I’d love to hear your ideas and input – to those who have brought up how partnerships with food and drink places like bubble tea could be a good idea, haha..jk..unless..?

Communications Officer

Anagh Mane

Kia ora

I’m Anagh Mane, running for AUMSA Communications Officer 2021.

About me:

Born in Wellington, raised in Auckland. I play basketball and cricket, previously even playing for the Auckland U19 Teams subtleeeeeflexxxx


I have a great deal of experience in communications.

For the Howick Youth Council, I served as the Community Engagements Officer for the Howick Ward and Local Board. In this role I liaised between Auckland Council, the Youth Advisory Panel and all youth aged 15-24 within the Howick Ward and local colleges.

I ran the HYC Facebook and Instagram pages during my 2-year term on Auckland City Council and, with some help, developed online projects dedicated towards youth welfare, mental health and skills-workshopping.

Apart from this, I’ve built all kinds of communications experience in chairing/organizing/founding/leading/fundraising for all kinds of groups in my college and community.


I am very confident that I will be a GREAT communications officer for AUMSA in 2021, liaising between the student body, AUMSA and external stakeholders.

This is something

Social Representatives

Kenya Brooke, George Powell, Eloise Mowbray

Hey everyone, we’re Eloise, George, and Kenya and we’re your best (and only) option for social rep!! Even though we’re your only option, we reckon we’ve got enough social-ness to give you the BEST year of socialising you’ve ever had. Nah, real talk though, this year has been really tough, with COVID being the BIGGEST social cock blocker ever and leaving everyone socially starved. AS SUCH, we need next year to be a social buffet with plenty of events that everyone can enjoy.

We’re planning on keeping all your favourites, but don’t worry we’ve got a few new events up our sleeves to keep things fre$h, including frat which none of us have experienced (hehe much love xo). We want to give the second years the social bonding they never had, the third years their last taste of social freedom, and the clinicals the cure to their social withdrawals. Because at the end of the day, we want to create a social environment that EVERYONE can enjoy and get amongst.

XOXO Social reps wannabes

Education Representatives

Olivia Lengyel, Riya Roy

Meet Liv, highly organised and time-efficient but is more useless than the appendix without caffeine. Meet Riya, a social-networking queen who functions optimally without stimulants but is dependent on Liv to wake her up, even for 11ams. We’re confident we have the skills to support you and your educational needs, through our extensive experience being deputy-head girl and founding clubs (Uh sweeties your try-hard is showing). We can make sure we keep those palpitations to a minimum when preparing for progress tests through our Clinical Cluedo nights. It’ll always be a match with those A+ grades when you use our new module cheat-sheet on the google drive: Module Tinder. Like and Subscribe to ‘Day in the Life of a Clinical’ seminars, giving you a sneaky peak behind the scenes on what goes on after your half-grad.  Our creative ideas are designed to assist you in achieving top grades, decreasing those cortisol levels and will make a vas deferens in helping you ease into clinicals. Vote Riya and Liv,We have so much to give.

Leo Cai, Kate Lee

It all began in their first Phys160 lab when Leo dmed a snoozing Kate where she was. Despite the worst panic, they ended up finishing the paper with solid grades. Since then, they’ve fine-tuned their communication, organisation and problem-solving skills and are excited to bring them to you with a hot new take. With this incomparable synergy, the duo will carry out this harmony into the Edu Reps role for 2021.

Meet Kate. Reppin’ Taka with her high-achieving nature that gets things done (trust us, the first lab was a stitch-up…)

Meet Leo. Classic Grammar boy but distinct in his study hacks to maintain top grades despite a jam-packed social life.

Our primary focus is to refine events so you don’t just show up for the free pizza. We will push for:

  • an interactive-based style of learning instead of long, boring presentation slides
  • a digital alternative to on-site events to widen our scope of reach
  • a reliable, cause-and-effect ‘Communication model’ for flawless student advocacy.

Vote Kate and Leo for good grades and good times!

Ashley Pereira, Maitreyi Jain

Hey, we’re Maitreyi and Ashley and we’re running to be AUMSA Education Reps for 2021. We think we can do the best job – we both have strong backgrounds in event execution and advocacy, with extensive experience in the education sphere. Ashley’s background consists of implementing multiple educational events with many years of tutoring under his belt. Maitreyi was a highly active academic prefect and ran multiple academia-based ‘fun’ events fostering greater engagement, ran a 200 person+ tutoring service, was the co-chairperson of her local youth board and worked with multiple NGOs throughout high school. Together, we have numerous excellent proposals to bring forward, including a pre-clinical mentoring service for more equitable information sharing across cohorts, more tutorials focused around clinical learning like psychological first-aid courses, and content-based supplementary learning for progress tests, OSCEs and more. More information and policies can be found on our Facebook event page (check it out). We’re absolutely stoked to be part of the competition, and we know we can smash 2021 with your help.

Love, Ashley and Maitreyi xoxo

Arts & Welfare Representatives

Briar Mortenson, Cinjah McCarthy

Kia ora, we’re Cinjah and Briar and we want to be your Art’s and Welfare reps for 2021!

Meet Briar, she’s the chillest, most down to earth person you’ll meet, super lax and easy to talk to! A Whangārei gal who loves a good book, growing her plant collection and enjoys gigs and festies. She’s also crazy talented in dance and can sure sweep anyone off their feet.

Meet Cinjah, she’s outgoing, bubbly and has the most infectious personality. She can get along with anyone and knows everyone. Hailing from the mighty Flatbush, she’s a talented doodler who loves snapping some cute candids and loves a good dmc with the homies.

Together we make the power couple that will work their ass off to make sure everyone strives to be the best version of themselves they can be. We will be with you, support you through the ups and downs of your med year and promote creativity, health and wellbeing for all woohoo

Please vote Cinjah and Briar :))

Keira Bright, Matthew Emerson

Kia ora, we’re Matt and Keira, your local chaotic good, bubble tea addicted, weathered and seasoned postgrads who would love to be your Arts and Welfare Reps for 2021! We think the importance of wellbeing is often overlooked in the hecticness of uni/work/life. While our drive and ambition get us places, we need to take pit stops along the way to relax and refuel, otherwise we burn out ~ Lightning McQueen, Cars, 2006. Our vision for 2021 is focused on 3 areas: arts, welfare, and mental health. We want to create inclusive artistic opportunities for all students, helping them explore their passion and creativity. We realise welfare isn’t “one size fits all” and want to provide events and activities that reflect the diverse range of talents, interests and cultures that make up our community. Finally, we want to encourage students to see mental health as a part of everyday health, break down the stigma of speaking up about our struggles, and recognise that mental health is a journey we are on together.

Tupeni Valili, Carolyn Matthew

Hey guys, my name’s Tupeni Valili (yep, just like the coins: two pennies). I was born and raised in Fiji for almost half my life, so I know what it’s like to be surrounded by a loving community of warmth and laughter. I hope to help create this environment in our medical community. Hi everyone my name is Carolyn Matthew (sorry no cool analogy like Tupeni). I was born overseas but have lived in Auckland virtually my whole life. I love a good yarn and look forward to meeting more of you.
We understand that for a person to take care of their own wellbeing, they need to be in a supportive environment to do so. As welfare reps, we would strive to create this positive environment and help form a close, tight-knit community that will support each other through stressful times in our medical journey.

Junius Ong, Hena Dugh

Kia ora Whanau! We are Hena and Junius and we’re campaigning to have the honour to be your Arts and Welfare Reps for 2021! Why are we going for this position you ask? For you silly! We are here to simp for your health and well-being. We want to provide you with wholesome vibez, bantz, eventz and SO much more. This year has presented many challenges which have been tough on many people in many different ways. You all have done such an incredible job in making it through this far – only a bit more of a stretch to go! Keep your heads up kings and queens and we’ll see you around this campaigning week! 👑

Nyasha Chileshe, Samantha Taveras

Hey guys! We’re Sam and Nyasha and we are running to be your Arts and Welfare Representatives 🙂 We’re both post-grads from Auckland and Otago and we’re looking forward to meeting more of you guys this week! We know that medicine is a very long journey, and to get through it we need to take the best care of ourselves and each other that we can. The more we look after ourselves, the better that we can take care of other people. This is so much more fun when we do it together! As arts and welfare representatives we want to provide you with a range of events that are creative, fun, and that allow us to discover new hobbies and make new friends. Think speed friending, international festivals, cooking and art classes, and more. We also want to create platforms where we can share advice, promote our mental health, and allow us to support each other. Vote #freshrepsofwelfare !!

Sports Representatives

Jacqui Alexander, Tyson Wijohn

Jacqui is your tennis superstar! Some say if she wasn’t studying medicine, she would be dominating Serena in the US Open. Jacqui is unafraid to flex her sporting dominance on you, including smacking you for six on the cricket pitch. At the end of the day she will make sure she ends up with the W. Tyson is your typical sports superfan, who enjoys any excuse to catch a game live. His sporting career can be summarised as a meme, “…bro I would be in that All Blacks team if I didn’t do my ACL twice!” Tyson is willing to do anything on or off the court to win, striving to display that ‘mamba mentality!’Jacqui and Tyson are proud of the Seabass legacy! They are passionate about upholding the traditions and winning culture of our faculty. They also understand the significance of sport and exercise in a stressful climate like medicine and aim to provide lots of opportunities for everyone to get involved. Are you ready for more sporting success? Vote Tyson and Jacqui!!!

Oliver Goldsmith, Ryan Zent

Kia ora we’re Ryan and Ollie. Ryan loves three things in this world: his dog, a mild butter chicken and smashing sixes. He is a cricket connoisseur and stats junkie but his talent trumps all else at the TAB where he is a fiend for a saucy little multi. Hailing from the same great sporting institution as Rieko Ioane, Ollie lives and breathes sports. Whether it be tearing up C grade rugby, watching F1 highlights in Monday lectures or getting smacked around the tennis court, you can count on him to put the Seabass first.Whether you’re super competitive or just out for a good time, we want to share our passion for sports with you. We have some fresh ideas to get everyone involved, like a charity event and tourney-stein hybrids, while also keeping with tradition like bringing you an insane sports exchange that you so deserve.Vote Ryan and Ollie for sports rep 2021!

ND Editors

Annie Wang, Priyanka Malhotra, Jake Parsons

It’s a cold night in 2021, and you’re compensating for the lack of partying you did in 2020.  Things get a bit wild.  Maybe you trip over on the stairs, maybe you decide to wear a traffic cone on your head and disgrace the medical profession.  It doesn’t matter, because nobody saw you, right?  Wrong.  Priyanka has her high-tech camera trained on you like a sniper, and, with a single flash, takes an incriminating yet aesthetic photo.

Annie does her creative magic and puts you front and centre in a two-page spread on misdemeanours at social events.  It’s got a border, and colours and stuff.  It’s fancy.

Jake, winner of the spelling award in year 6, writes a scathing assessment of the situation, provides context nobody asked for, and gets your closest friends to rank your ten worst life choices.

As ND Editors, we will give you a cool looking magazine that keeps you humble, and makes you laugh and/or cringe.  At the very least, you can use it as toilet paper in the apocalypse.

Rainbow Communities Representative

Joshua McCormack (He/Him)

I am Josh McCormack (He/him) and I am running to be your Rainbow Communities Representative.

I love our communities, I am unafraid to stand up for our communities, and, as evidenced by this new position, I am someone who delivers for our communities.

What I see for our communities is the AUMSA becoming certified with the Rainbow Tick.

What I see for our communities is the first ever AUMSA charity drag show, to give our future health professionals an opportunity to engage with and celebrate queerness before meeting their first queer patients.

What I see for our communities is collaboration with the Faculty to encourage the use of pronouns in personal introductions, email signatures and zoom call names.

What I see for our communities is improved education around LGBTQITakatāpui+ identities and health issues, targeting the Multiple Mini Interview as a starting point.

Whether you are cosy in the closet, a champion of the Rainbow Flag or simply an ally who wants to do their best to get informed, I will deliver for you.

3rd Year NZMSA Representative

Bernard Aucamp

I want to help people.

I realize that I should probably expand on that a bit but, ultimately that is what drives me. Whether it be my local community, friends and family, or my current 2nd year cohort I hope to make a positive impact on the peoples’ lives around me. As your 3rd Year NZMSA Representative I would be our collective voice pushing to make our medical education the best it can be.

Pushing 30, I have been fortunate to serve on several committees advocating for students and organisation members. The experience I have gained over the years has served me and the people around me well.

With what we have experienced this year I believe that we all have appreciated the importance of communication. Specifically, the importance of transparency and clarity. We might have found our appreciation through a good or bad experience. No matter how we discovered its importance this year, I intend to improve communication channels moving forward.

5th Year NZMSA Representative

Blair Lowry

Hey guys, my name is Blair and it’d be awesome to be your 5th year representative on NZMSA. I am an engaging, approachable, outspoken and understanding person, which I believe will be great traits to advocate for YOUR ideas and concerns. With roles in Med Revue and Grassroots, I feel like I have experience in advocating for others, experience in both leadership positions and working as a part of a team, and am reliable and dependent – all of which could be useful in continuing advocating for our voices on a national level with NZMSA.  I promise to work as hard as the fly on Mike Pence’s head. Vote Blair for the 5th Year NZMSA Rep J !

Ngā mihi nui.

Steven Yoo

Hi! My name is Steven and I’m running to be the NZMSA representative for the class of 2022. A little bit about me is that I’m from Korea and grew up in Auckland, and have a strong interest in medical education and technology. I also enjoy hiking, reading and trying out new things.
I would love to advocate our cohort and make sure that our voices contribute to creating the medical system of our generation. This year has not been easy, with the coronavirus pandemic disrupting all facets of our lives but I believe the disruption has also opened an opportunity for change to be made in the coming years. I know that we are an incredibly diverse cohort and I want to make sure we are all included when we are represented at the national level. I believe I have the skills to make this happen and I’m committed to meet and talk to more people in our year.
Thank you for reading. Lend me a hand and vote for Steven!

Marcia Zeng

Hi my name is Troy McClure Marcia Zeng. You may remember me from previous films roles such as NZMSA 2nd Year Rep and NZMSA Auckland General Rep. Having been on the executive in the past, I have a good understanding of what it means to be part of NZMSA and the expectations and requirements of the role. As we move further into our clinical training, NZMSA continues to play a vital role in advocating for us in various areas that matter to us. It’s important that the organisation has a good understanding of the views and concerns of the students they are representing, so if elected, I will endeavour to ensure that there is good communication to NZMSA on behalf of our Auckland cohort. In addition to this, I will ensure that NZMSA events and campaigns are well communicated so that you are all kept up to date on the latest;dr Vote Marcia Zeng for NZMSA 5th Year Rep (and don’t forget to get out and vote in that other election too!)

Waitematā Representative

Holly Cook

Kia Ora Northshore friends!

I’m Holly and I would love to be your site rep for 2021.

Some of you may have seen that I expressed previous interest in swapping. This is no longer the case. I am convinced that Waitematā is the pick for Auckland and I am committed to making 2021 the best year possible.

Being site rep is an opportunity to create a lot of fun connection for our cohort, while still advocating for and feeding back information. Site rep is a relatively new position that is still finding its feet, but I am looking forward to giving the role legs and using the title to its full potential with with.

I am organised, easy going and a great listener. Coming from secretary I also have the inside knowledge on how AUMSA runs and how to get the most out of it. I have experience with organising fantastic different events both for welfare and boogie needs. I look forward to seeing you all on the shore and the dance floor.

Holly x

Auckland City Representative

Aditya Arora

Hey guys, my name is Adi and I’m excited to start my TI year (finally!) at Auckland City next year. Having been placed at Waikato and Rotorua in 2020, I’ve had a taste of the incredible student culture at some of the out-of-Auckland sites and I’m keen to replicate the same here.  Some of my ideas include organizing teaching sessions for the fourth and fifth years, creating a mentoring programme which runs throughout the course of the year, and organizing fun social events for you guys in the heart of the city so we can all get to know each other. In my experience, clinical years are a lot better when you are part of a well-connected cohort, and I will strive to achieve that.  I’m also down to grab a coffee or a snack around Grafton for anyone that wants to have a yarn and aim to be a friendly face around hospital that can make your year just that much better.  Vote Adi for Auckland City rep!

Emma Clucas

Kia Ora Auckland City clinical students for 2021! I’m Emma, soon to be a TI and super keen to be your site rep. What can I promise if I’m elected? Inter-year mentoring for all those cheeky tips and tricks for 4th and 5th year (been there, done that so know all the struggles!), social events so that we can get to know each other (makes a big difference seeing familiar faces around a big hospital), and most importantly a friendly face who is ready to hear about all your worries and provide advocacy and solutions! Those of you who already know me will know I love mentoring other students and can definitely put up a good fight to get what’s best for our education! Vote for experience and dedication, vote for a TI

South Auckland Representative

Tyla Warrender

I’m Tyla Warrender and I am a third-year student who is super pumped to be running for South Auckland Clinical Site Rep for 2021! If elected I’ll give my absolute best and will be all ears to find out how I can cater to the students at Middlemore! I have great communication skills and love to have a yarn – so I know I’ll be able to advocate your needs to the people higher up! I’ll be dedicated to being your point of contact on site and someone you can speak to in confidence. I’m a super friendly and approachable person and would love to take this opportunity to get to know more people in my cohort as well as the years above! I’m a very organised person and would love to get some social events up and running for our site seen as we’ve been so deprived in 2020! :’( If I’ve won ya over then please vote for me! If not I’ll see ya around in 2021 anyway! 😉

Waikato Representative

Kate Dunstall

Kia ora whānau, I’m Kate and I’m running for Waikato Rep 2021.

This role is a mix of social planning, advocacy and facilitating learning, all of which I have rich experience in. My key strength is planning social events. I love creating environments for people to have a good time, whether that be something chill like a BYO or a trip to the beach, or ramping things up like one of my notorious red cards. I’m a Dunedin postgrad so you can count on me to organise some lit events.

I also believe that networking is a crucial part of medicine so will be encouraging that as much as possible. I was the Grassroots Māori and Pacific Advocacy Rep for 2020 so I have good experience of being on an exec, planning trips and advocacy. I also have experience with organising and leading tutorials so am no stranger to facilitating learning. Ultimately the welfare of us all is the most important aspect of this role for me and I can be a listening ear and a helping hand.

Need a mate? Vote Kate!

Olivia Gray

“Kia ora, I’m Liv a post grad from Dunedin currently in 3rd year. While being a post grad has definitely added to my student loan, it has also meant that I have experienced different campuses and I know what makes a great one tick!

A little bit about me;

I’m always up for a yarn, adventure and a Laugh

Committed to getting things done! I will deliver on promises

Creating good Vibes all around- I’m passionate about making 2021 a great clinical year for everyone

My goal as Waikato site rep is to create links between all clinical students based in Waikato in 2021 by facilitating a range of events and activities.  I want to foster whakawhanaungatanga to bring the connections forged on the Philson bridge plus the nostalgia and vibe of the pre-clinical years at Grafton to our Waikato cohort.

Vote Liv for Waikato Site Rep 2021- you won’t regret it!

Tom Swinburn

Kia ora! My name is Tom Swinburn and I’d absolutely love to represent Waikato as your approachable, organised Site Rep!

I’ve seen this role come to life this year especially, and I’d love to continue building on this next year. I have three clear commitments:

I’d love to put my skills as an AUMSA social rep to good use by putting on a variety of events throughout the year that foster a sense of community among the three years
I will work with the clinical site to ensure all students know about the academic mentoring programme already in place and are able to access and maximise this awesome opportunity
I will proactively reach out to students who understand their year group’s concerns better than I do — especially relating to COVID’s continuing impact on placements, give these issues a strong voice, and communicate the outcomes in a timely manner

I’m looking forward to a great year in the Tron and (finally) getting some social events off the ground!  Always happy to chat 🙂

Bring on 2021!


Lakes Representative

Hugo Jamieson

Hi everyone!!!

I’m Hugo Jamieson and I’m stoked to be running to represent YOU as the Lakes Site Rep for 2021! I am approachable, friendly, hardworking and willing to help in any way I can.

Coming into 4th year I know I don’t have much clinical experience, but I am dedicated to listening to the struggles you are facing and advocating for change. Being a site rep involves advocating for the educational, emotional and social wellbeing of all students lucky enough to be placed in Rotorua next year. I would love to be a person you feel comfortable to talk to about any issues or suggestions you have or just someone you can have a coffee with!

I’m keen to bring all the year groups together so we can all get to know each other and have an amazing experience next year!

I know many of you may be unable to come to campaign week on campus but feel free to flick me message if you want to chat!

Samantha Gordine

Kia Ora e te whānau!

My name is Sam & I am running for AUMSA Lakes DHB Representative for 2021. I will be returning to my hometown of Rotorua as a Trainee Intern to complete this degree (woohoo!)

As a born and bred Rotorua local and ex-4th year Rotorua student, I understand the town and the hospital well, bringing with me years of insider knowledge. I pride myself on being approachable, kind and full of chats; the environment I aim to create will reflect this whether I am elected to this role or not. I can promise regular get-togethers as a cohort & solid support for our students –  especially the fourth years through a mentorship programme as you enter this tough year. Rotorua Hospital is all about camaraderie – I guarantee I am the best person to represent our 2021 whānau as we move into the new year.

Sam x