Have a read of the amazing candidates running for the 2022 AUMSA council!!! Make sure to check the AUMSA Facebook page for information regarding the husting sessions and voting.


Thomas Swinburn

Kia ora! My name’s Tom Swinburn and I’d love to be your friendly and approachable AUMSA President in 2022!

As we come to a turning point after two challenging years, I am eager to support the Exec to revive old classics, whilst seizing this unique opportunity to add fresh twists. Considering how we make AUMSA a diverse, equitable organisation that works for all students is something I believe is hugely important, and has contributed to why I personally am running for this role. As social rep in 2020, Med Revue cast member, and Waikato site rep, I have proven experience and understanding of what is at stake. I have three clear policies:

  1. ADVOCATE: AUMSA COVID Gameplan outlines key expectations for AUMSA and MPD around communication before, during, and after disruptive events ie lockdowns
  2. ENGAGE: regular newsletter fostering connection and providing a behind-the-scenes look into AUMSA
  3. INNOVATE: brand-new innovation fund to kick start your ideas for AUMSA with some cash

Vote Tom Swinburn for AUMSA President 2022!

Holly Cook

Kia Ora, My name is Holly and I am excited to be running for your AUMSA president in 2022. I have been a part of AUMSA for the past two years, as the secretary in 2020 and this year as the clinical site rep for Waitematā. I have a firm grasp on the administrative, scheduling, finance and oversight of running AUMSA. As well as this year allowing me to get a greater grasp on the challenges clinical students face and our education as a whole. As the president I want to be able to facilitate space to have the conversations around what we want our student association to achieve and how we build in creating an association that is able to support and advocate for all medical students. I am not afraid to hold people to account. I am also very aware of the importance of setting up continuity, transparency and pathways for communication. I would love to hear from you if you have something you would like to raise, Thank you, Holly

Vice-President Administration

Kate Dunstall

Kia ora koutou! My name is Kate Dunstall and I’m campaigning to be your VPA 2022! I’m a rural student and a Dunedin postgrad. I’m currently fourth year at Waikato Hospital. VPA is a mix of organisation, communication, advocacy, and facilitating connection. All of which I have rich experience in.  I have four clear commitments:

  • I will supply you with the dopest merchandise for you to flex in IC4 and a chance for limited edition designs from a fresh New Zealand Designer!
  • I will provide expert communication internally and externally. I was Grassroots Communications Officer 2021 so have solid experience with facilitating good communication.
  • I will create engagement with our website and social media. With Grassroots Comms I revived our website and created a new Instagram. Promotions is my forté.
  • I will provide proactive advocacy and welfare for students. These are crucial aspects of medical school and points I am extremely passionate about. My role as Grassroots Māori and Pacific Advocacy Rep 2020 has given me experience with advocacy for Rural and Māori health.

Rachel Moxham

I’m Rachel, a current third-year student, and I’d love to be your AUMSA Vice President Administration in 2022! I’m a great team player and I’m passionate about admin, the most recent example of this being Admin Director of Med Revue 2021. While we didn’t quite make it to opening night (thanks Delta) I got to work with a brilliant group of directors, liaise with AUMSA and sponsors, and organise many aspects of the Revue, which has prepared me perfectly for a role like VPA. I’m all about getting the job done and doing it well, and am willing to put in the work to bring our team’s vision to life!

 A classical violinist in a past life, I perform well under pressure with empathy along the way. With a work background of finance, administration, teaching, customer service, tutoring and reception, I’m well equipped with the skills to help AUMSA be the most effective charitable student organisation it can be. It’s a privilege to be a candidate for VPA in 2022, thank you for your support!

Vice-President Education

Sam Robertson

Kia ora e te whānau! I’m Sam, an honours student headed into TI and I’m delighted to be running to be your VPE for 2022. With four years of experience on the AUMSA council, I believe I have the experience and drive to advocate for educational issues impacting all medical students, especially those in their clinical years.

The role of VPE as an advocate is a privilege but also a significant responsibility. It’s vital to be connected to the class and connected to the faculty to best understand student concerns as well as the processes that are traversed to best make change. I believe my experience has given me the tools to toe this line.

I’m running for VPE because I have unfinished business with AUMSA. There are changes I want to see through and leave AUMSA in a better position than when I first joined the council in 2017. I believe I can help AUMSA to more effectively look back on the successes of the past and plan for the challenges of the future.


Leilani Roberts-Nonu

Talofa lava! My name is Leilani, and I am campaigning to be AUMSA’s finest secretary for 2022.

After my dreams of becoming a full-time Philson resident was crushed by aunt Cindy, I decided to aspire elsewhere and well here we are. As secretary, I can be counted on to ensure everything is smooth sailing from registrations to organising meetings and documentation. And why not practice compassion to other members at their lows.

During high school I held leadership roles that included – coordinating meetings for student councils and running several fundraising events particularly for mental health. Lockdown has taught me some valuable life skills like being an effective communicator when tracking down online purchases. All jokes aside, I would love to be given the opportunity to be secretary to put my OCD-like habits, passion for admin, and ‘gentle’ communication skills to effective use.

So, vote Leilani for secretary 2022 – a gal who just wants to be both Donna and Dr Yang.

Sacha Sampson

Hi! I’m Sacha and I’m running for AUMSA secretary for 2022.

I’d love to play my part in the awesome work that AUMSA does for us all and if elected, I’ll be looking forward to putting in lots of work behind the scenes and assisting wherever needed to help AUMSA stay running smoothly.

Although I haven’t made it to many 8am lectures, I do actually have good time management and organisation skills, which I’ve developed as the national president and camp director of Bnei Akiva, an NZ Jewish youth movement. In this role, I’ve gained experience working with volunteers, participants and community organisations, as well as running our elections, AGMs and meetings, and coordinating our yearly calendar.

Outside of uni, you can find me in the pool or on the water in my roles as a swimming instructor and rowing coach – dealing with a pool full of 3 year olds has given me people management skills that I can bring towards organising (hopefully more mature) uni students!


Jenny Luo

Ciao a tutti! 

I’m Jenny Luo, a third year medical student which means I get to impose my adopted Italian culture into my Hamilton flat for next years’ placements! I’m sure my friends will appreciate having basil plants around and fun gnocchi making nights 🙂 This year I was AUMSA’s sponsorship officer, a role in which I was involved in securing event funding and grants, managing corporate relations, getting your stethoscope/equipment deals, as well as of course, AMBOSS trials/discounts. This role gave me insight into AUMSA’s finances so I could be prepared to do some money management as your 2022 treasurer. Additionally, my work outside of med already includes paperwork and office jobs, creating/sending invoices, managing accounts..etc for a medical business. This, plus the fact that being great at counting and managing money runs in the family* makes me who you should vote for 2022 AUMSA treasurer! 

Sponsorship Officer

Gaby Ou

Hi everyone! I’m Gaby and I’m running for your 2022 Sponsorship Officer. In this role I would be responsible for strengthening our current partnerships with sponsors as well as forming new alliances to get us through the events and activities for 2022. Having been part of multiple execs for interest groups this year as well as previously being behind

lots of different drives and charitable groups, I hope to bring my expertise to this position. In addition to this, I also hope to bring to the table my ace organisational skills, reliable time management and great communication skills. You can trust that I will be dedicated to connecting us to the brands and businesses to support an exciting upcoming year.

Rainbow Representative

Awhina Pearce

Tēnā koutou,

Ko Ngāti Porou ko Ngāti Tūwharetoa ōku iwi Ko Awhina Pearce – ko “Awhi” – ahau

I am a 3rd Year MBChB student, and it’s my pleasure to be campaigning to be your Rainbow Rep for 2022. I may be the only nominee, but what I hope to obtain this campaign week is your confidence in me to represent the Rainbow Community to my best ability.

I identify as a cisgender female Takatāpui, the lived experience of which I can bring to the table; however, this is only one part of our community, and even within Takatāpui are countless others with vastly different experiences to my own.

My aim is therefore not to use my experiences to drive positive change, but to be a sharepoint for the troubling experiences of those in the Rainbow community. Those observations can highlight potential avenues through which I can incite change for the Rainbow community in its entirety, and this is what I hope to accomplish – or at least begin the process of.

Awhi | She/ia

Māngai Māori Representative

Maaike de Goede

Ko Tainui me Aotea ngā waka

Ko Hikurangi me Ruapehu ngā maunga

Ko Ngā Maniapoto raua ko Ngāti Haua ngā iwi

Ko Rangatahi rātou ko Ngāti Haua ngā hāpū

Ko Wharauroa me Ngapuwaiwaha ngā marae

Ko Maaike Kiri toku ingoa

Kia ora MBChB classes of UOA! How are we all feeling?

If we haven’t had the pleasure to meet, I am Maaike and I am in the class of 2025. My mum hails from the centre of the universe, Murupara, a small town in the Bay of Plenty. My dad was born in the equally gorgeous Netherlands, making me look like Barbie who has a tan. If I could list three things that I will bring to my potential role for Māngai Māori; they would be.

  1. A confidant and advocate for Māori and allies on all concerns no matter how large or small
  2. A person who wants to see genuine change at the university.
  3. My loud witchy laugh which echoes in 505-007

Let’s bring on campaign week!

Cameron Munro
Kia ora whānau,

My name is Cameron Munro, a third-year medical student and I am running for the Māngai Māori Representative position on the 2022 AUMSA executive committee.

I am a fun, exciting, out-there guy, with a lot of laughs and aroha. I enjoy being in the sun and having a mean feed in the sun! I absolutely love my culture and resonate kaupapa of kindness, aroha and unity. I’m still on my own cultural journey but am excited for the chance to continue it together.

Even though I’m almost 2-metres tall, I’m kind and easy to approach. My arms are always open if anyone needs support, encouragement, love or just some good old fashion laughs. I know I’ll be a strong advocate for all Māori students wherever on your cultural journey you stand. I believe that every one of our voices are important!

I know we can make a difference together. I hope you consider me for your Māngai Māori Representative.

Pasifika Representative

George Powell

Talofa lava, Bula vinaka, Mālō e lelei!

 Hey team, ko hoku hingoa ko George (Siaosi) and I am running for the 2022 AUMSA Pasifika rep position! Siaosi is my name in Tongan, the beautiful Pacific island which is home away from home (MMT hard)! A bit about me; I’m currently a 3rd-year undergrad from the 09! Whether around one of Grafton’s vending machines or yarning in Philson, you’ll always catch me on campus keen as for a chat (sport or food are my expertise)!!

 I’m incredibly excited to be running for 2022 Pasifika rep! Coming off an extremely fun and rewarding as a member of the 2021 AUMSA social rep team (shoutout KEG!), I’m absolutely fizzing to be able to again put my hand up to help inspire positive change within our medical school! For me, this position is all about advocacy and ensuring that Pasifika needs are treated as paramount within the council. I am extremely passionate about promoting equity and hope that through AUMSA, together, we can help create a brighter future for our people! 

Malo ‘Aupito!

International Representative

Viha Vig

Hello, I’m Viha! I’m a Punjabi (north Indian) who was born and brought up in Bangalore, South India. I graduated with a degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from Boston University before starting medicine here at UoA. Yes, I’m one of the grad entry students! A little about me: I enjoy running, research, any food that is not spicy (brings out the flavors in

my opinion), and engaging in spiritual practices like Reiki and flower therapy. I bring experiences from diverse cultures to the table, I’m an empathetic listener and team player, and I’d love the opportunity to advocate for my peers!

Arts & Welfare Representatives

Dominic Chanwai and Sam Reinen

Kia Ora!

We are Dom and Sam (Dam?) and we are running for AUMSA (AUMSAAA!) welfare reps for 2022. You’re probably wondering, ‘Who are these two dashingly handsome fellas?’ Well, we are just two guys who have experienced the struggle of studying medicine and want to do their part to forge a better and positive future for those studying with us! Together, we aspire to form a safe and happy uni experience for all med students. 

“Fireman Sam, the legend himself, many of us have to look up to him not just because he’s 7 foot but because he’s one of the most caring and lovely individuals I know. As a welfare rep, I know he will spread this positivity to all studying medicine.” ~ Dom

“Dom. The man, the myth, the legend. Never before has a mere mortal cared as much about the welfare of his cohort. This man will work tirelessly to ensure the most healthy, safe and happy experience for all medical students at Auckland.” ~ Sam

That’s all Folks xx

Sonakssi Ramilan and Geraldine Atchico

Kia Ora! I’m Geraldine Atchico, born in the Philippines but raised in Rotorua surrounded by several lakes which I ironically have never enjoyed because your girl can’t swim. To make up for my lack of swimming ability, I developed crazy communication skills and am always down for a good yarn over a cheeky Soy Mocha – so please come and chat :)) I’m Sona Ramilan, aka your local curry girl. I was born in Sri Lanka but I’ve grown up in four countries and seven cities (weird flex, I know). I love being surrounded by people, and will always make time for a solid chat and I’ll never say no to getting food !! As your Arts & Welfare Reps, we appreciate the importance of creativity and wholesome wellbeing – and we’ll be here to facilitate an environment where we can all thrive, not just survive. Our vision is to create an inclusive community, where cohort actually means family. Don’t worry about Corona, vote Geraldine and Sona <33

Jason Lau and Jason Liu

Kia Ora MBCHB fam! We are Jason Liu and Jason Lau but ya’ll can call us Longus and Brevis. We are both extremely excited to be running for your Arts and Welfare Representatives of 2022. We are both from the Mighty Manawatu, which guarantees that we’re a little bit different ;). Some stuff that we’re passionate about includes cooking, music production, and especially cheeky DMCs outside the philson library.

 COVID this year has highlighted the importance of a strong support network which is something that we can provide moving forward into 2022. As aspiring arts and welfare reps, we would like to make improvements helping you access the support suited to your individual needs.  A strong sense of connection between classmates is something we want to encourage if we were to be voted into this role. Your voice is most important to us, therefore we plan to advocate and listen to changes that you want to see, making your journey through med the best it can be. 

Emma Wong She and Timothy Lim

Kia ora! We’re Tim and Emma or Temma for short!! We may be known as the crazy-coloured hair guy and the girl who asks questions in lectures or as cast members of Med Revue 2021 (rip). However, we want you to know us as your 2022 AUMSA Arts and Welfare Reps! Everybody knows that med school culture around mental health and wellbeing isn’t great – especially burnout. We’re here to change that. As Arts and Welfare Reps, we vow to organise sick events like Beats+Bikkies (lookout for free food) and advocate for wellbeing and how we perceive it in Med School’s ‘unprecedented times’. We also want to be advocates for balanced lifestyles and incorporate more of the arts for medical students. We’re always up for fat chats in Superfino, and our dms are always open – we care about you and your welfare because it matters to your patients! As someone great once said, “you can’t pour water from an empty jug.” Vote for Temma for AUMSA Arts and Welfare Reps 2022!! #TeamTemmaistheteamtoremember

Education Representatives 

Sarah Bahoo and Stella Steer

Kia Ora, we’re Stella and Sarah! 

Last year, we were on the same floor at halls. Being the nerds we are, our first interaction consisted of us talking about what level 3 subjects we had done in year 12 and if we had pre-read for Anthony’s lectures yet (IYKYK). From here on, we became biomed besties, motivating each other, and window shopping for stethoscopes together. With a few UberEATS study breaks along the way, we supported and helped each other develop good study habits. We’ve learnt to become organised and efficient through being prefects at High School and our roles at UoA. Stella is on the Dermatology Interest Group executive and Sarah was a MEDSCI142 Class-Rep last year. This has given us valuable educational experiences to incorporate in this role. We have come up with creative ideas to maximise your learning – Make sure to check out our Facebook campaign page where we will be introducing these. Vote Stella and Sarah – we’ll STEER you in the right direction so there’s no BAHOOs at the end!

Shou Fukumura and Jaffar Al-Sakini

Sariya McGrath and Savannah Schulz

Kia ora! We’re Sav and Sariya and we are running for AUMSA Education Representatives for 2022! Our vision is one of generosity and reciprocity to foster whanaungatanga within the Auckland med student community to achieve our collective goal of academic success and a healthier New Zealand. We were inspired by Liv and Riya’s collated resources and organization of Clinical Cluedo to sustain and grow this ‘cohort collaboration’. We believe purposeful steps are needed to effectively direct this shift, such as:

→ Study Blogs

→ Student-Centred Collaboration

→ Smarter Application of Resources

We bring a wealth of knowledge and fresh ideas into this role including the experience we

have from completing our undergraduate degrees in Otago and as Class Reps.

We have so many more ideas we are excited to share with you so please follow our

campaign page to decide if we are worth your VOTE.

Social Representatives

Kevin Roy, Aryan Katyal, Renee Masih

What’s up guys, we are ARK. Like Noah’s ark, we want to be the boat that keeps future doctors afloat and sail you into a 2022 full of glorious experiences. Aryan, the international student’s sole purpose is to fund the 2022 drinking tab. From a humble background in Singapore, this undergraduate’s biggest flex isn’t getting into med… It’s being a record holder for riding the bull at shooters. Renee aka Aunty Nae-nae brings the gender diversity. As resident mother of the group, her ability to “whip” on the dance floor is unfathomable, but perhaps a desirable trait she acquired through natural selection from her Otago days. Finally, let’s talk about Kevin. You know his voice, you know his huge gym bag that he tries to flex in lectures. But…did you know he barely goes to the gym? Why? Because he’s too busy sussing a KEG (George obviously). Med can get hella hectic, but we believe in a “study hard, party harder” mentality. For exciting new events vote for the ARK, you won’t be disappointed! 

Lexie Whiston, Jonathan Khalil, Emilie Macfarlane


Jono is your 5’5 sober wannabe Zac Efron king, who brings the vibes to uni and reckons he can sing. You can’t hold Lexie back from a boogie when there’s a pole at stein, and you’ll catch her in Philson pretending she’s not behind. Millie Mac’s got words for you if you leave before midnight, even though she’s a 90’s old girl she sure can party right. Alone they have their strengths and flaws, but together they make a team that’s worthy of applause.

 Unlike Regina And The Plastics, Rejono And The Enthusiastics (RATE) are here to make sure you have fun; getting down and social, not worrying about the work to be done. They’re super pumped to be one of the nominees for social reps this year, so if you like getting weird then there’s nothing to fear. They want to make a fun environment for everyone, whether it’s beerbongs and bentleys or just grafton taylor swift medleys, 2022 is about connecting with all of you!

Joseph Johnston, Osita Isichei and Jerome Mika

​​Hey guys, for those of you who don’t know us, we’re the three idiots who sit at the middle left of the lecture theatre and spend more time taking the piss out of each other than taking notes. With 2021 ending and the social reps leaving (thank God), we thought it’d be a good idea to run for 2022 social reps. Just thought we’d give a breakdown of our social rep attributes.

Joseph Johnston: 91 rating for losing his ID, 96 rating for yakking in the bathroom before 11, but 99 rating for organising med events

Jerome Mika: 97 rating for getting the rig out in town, 71 rating for his rugby skills, but 99 rating for organising med events

Osita Isichei: 89 rating for getting to pre’s late, 92 rating for being Eric’s 2nd best friend at uni, but 99 rating for organising med events

Although Shaden (left) won’t officially be running for social rep, he’s promised to man the doors in a mankini at every event if we are voted in. Cheers Shaden!

Sports Representatives 

Kimberley Burdon and Hannah Crawford 

Hi everyone! Our names are Hannah and Kim, and we would love to be your sports reps for 2022. We are both postgrads with a passion for sport, having played throughout our undergrad degrees. We’re super keen to share this passion and bring some new ideas to 2022 sporting calendar. Sport is such a great way to destress whether you’re cramming for a module test or breaking free of Grafton after a long day of lectures. Not only this, but sport also brings people together and is an awesome way to make new friends. We have really enjoyed getting involved in all the sporting events this year and would love to bring these and more to 2022. We want to create an inclusive and fun environment where everyone feels they can participate in events and give any sport a go. Vote Kim and Hannah for sports reps 2022 🙂

ND Editors 

Catherine Lee, Harry Lok Wai Lee and Joseph Frith

A meme man, photographer and artist walk into a bar. Then they walk into a ballroom, a field and end up on a boat. You start questioning how this dynamic trio keeps popping up in unexpected places, but by that point it’s far too late. You’ll be seeing our pretty faces plastered across every event you go to, and while you’ll likely be equally plastered, we’ll be here to catch your best moments. Just because you’ll forget the events of the night before we’ll make sure everyone remembers it. It’s an honour to run for Nd Editors this year and though you have absolutely no choice in the matter we’ll make sure you end up loving us xoxo

NZMSA 3rd year Representative

Sarah Batkin

Hey, friends and future colleagues! My name’s Sarah Batkin (she/her), I’m a postgrad student and would love to be your NZMSA Year 3 rep.  I think making the med school experience wholesome and fun is a collaborative effort. As your rep my job would be to help you feel heard and supported at the national level by collaborating with our awesome AUMSA/year level reps. Some things I’m passionate about are:

  • Further extending the EFTS cap
  • Providing greater support for mature students  
  • Facilitating an inclusive environment within the cohort with the help of student-interest groups such as Te Oranga and the FMHS Rainbow Student Network

I have the capacity to dedicate a lot of time to this role and am used to advocating in political spaces, so I’m not afraid to do the hard yards in order to achieve change. You can find out more about me and NZMSA by visiting the event page. My email/Facebook is always open if you have any other questions, I’d love to hear from you!

Genevieve Groult

Kia ora everyone,

I’m Genevieve, and I am privileged to have the opportunity to run as your Third Year NZMSA representative. I feel I have a lot I can bring to the table in terms of experience and passion. I have been an executive of the University of Auckland Postgraduate Students’ Association for four years, at UoA for 13 years, and sit on several national student committees, so I have seen a LOT of what constitutes the education system we are in, and challenges students face. Given the significant changes we are all experiencing, I believe the student voice is stronger than ever and we need experienced people to advocate for what students need and deserve! I will ensure your voices are heard, initiatives are upheld, and that students are frequently consulted. Entering Year 3, we need a strong voice to ensure there is safe and equitable support, especially when entering into the workforce in such challenging times. I would love to support you. Please view my website to get to know me better. https://www.uoapgsa.org/genevievegroultcampaignnzmsathirdyearrep 

NZMSA 5th year Representative

Joseph Mettrick

Kia Ora everyone!

My name is Joe and I’m running to be your 5th year NZMSA representative. The social isolation that accompanies 5th year can be daunting – even more so with Covid-19. I was driven to this role as I wish to address some of the issues that come from the disconnectedness of 5th year. Your concerns have already been raised about where your university fees are actually going as well as issues surrounding availability for selectives, electives and restrictions on the respective university territories which are issues I will advocate for. I have previously served on the AUMSA council as a social rep and believe that I possess the experience, insight and skills necessary to fulfil this role. Having come through the Māori and Pacific Admission Scheme, I strongly feel there is a need for better representation of MAPAS students on NZMSA. I believe I can effectively represent our Māori and Pasifika students to help build policy, advocate on issues and organise events that promote equity.

Olivia Gray

I am committed to ensuring that the voices of the Class of 2023 are represented whenever NZMSA advocates on behalf of all medical students. I believe I can act as a bridge between our year group and NZMSA to ensure we solve common issues that our cohort will face in upcoming years. My key focus will be to work on the restrictions on selectives and electives that currently require us to stick to our respective Auckland and Otago regions. I will be proactive in ensuring that our year group’s needs are reflected in NZMSA working groups by seeking feedback throughout my term. Communication works both ways and I would reliably provide updates to you about the work of NZMSA and how this impacts our year group. I am always open to discussion and excited to hear your ideas. I also care about your concerns and want to know how I can best advocate for you. Finally, I am committed to working with the AUMSA executive to facilitate a fantastic year of events and student advocacy.

NZMSA 6th year Representative

Victoria Murphy

Kia Ora e te whānau,

I’m Victoria, a fifth-year working at Taranaki Hospital!

Our cohort needs a clear channel to give us timely information from NZMSA, and just as importantly, provide a confident voice to take concerns from Auckland to our meetings. I have a pretty loud voice(!) and would love to use this to contribute to advocacy for our students 🙂

I have a good amount of committee experience, including Grassroots exec for three years running, and am currently Taranaki site rep. Thanks to these roles, I have developed respect for the time management required to fulfil my commitments, and I understand the dynamics of communicating with faculty and external organisations from a student perspective.

One issue I am invested in is promoting understanding of our financial contracts/union memberships with RDA and STONZ and I would love to do extra work in this area. We are so close to transitioning into the next generation of medical professionals, and we need a rep who can get the job done – vote for Victoria!

Grace Kang

Kia ora whānau,

I’m Grace, running to be your 6th year NZMSA rep! 

Coming from a background in Psychology, I have a passion for mental health and wellbeing, something which I believe is more important now than ever. As we transition from TI’s into housies, my goal is to promote new and existing ideas that’ll help make our last ever year at uni be a bit easier for everyone, particularly during these COVID turbulent times.

Being on several executive teams over the last 7 years of uni has helped me become a better advocate for a diverse student body. I’m a German-born Korean who grew up in Christchurch, so I know a thing or two about feeling less heard and I’d love to ensure that all our voices are represented.

I’ll embrace any ideas or issues and will crowdsource them onto the larger stage – “hard and fast”. I can promise that I will be a reliable backbone to our TI journey if I have the privilege of being your rep next year!

Grace x

Waitematā Representative 

Cameron Hayes

Kia ora e te whānau

I’m Cam, a 4th year postgrad and I’m running to be your Waitematā rep for 2022.

I bring to the table a portfolio of attributes that will see your best interests addressed as

your representative. This year I was fortunate to be president of Grassroots Rural Health Club where I have learnt key skills in advocacy for fellow students and the day to day management of an executive committee. I’ve experienced one year in the hospital environment so I understand the ins and outs of the hospital and the struggles students face especially in these unprecedented times. I will bring forward any concerns and any amendments that could be made to the curriculum for clinical students, I want your learning to be at the forefront. I will build great relations with the clinical site coordinator so problems brought forward can be quickly addressed. And I can’t wait to get everyone together at the start of the year so you can all get to know your Waitematā peers.

Cheers, Cam 🙂

Auckland City Representative

Emily Meyer

Hi Guys, I would be honoured to take on the role of Clinical Site Rep for Auckland for 2021.

I am excited to take on this role and aim to make 2022 at ADHB the best year possible for all

of us. I see my responsibilities as falling in 3 areas. First, to be your voice for any issues or concerns you may have throughout the year. I want to be your advocate and am always keen for any discussion or issues you are passionate about. Secondly, I aim to organise educational events such as the 4th year MOSCE. I am organised and like to get onto things promptly. I am also open to your feedback on any other opportunities you would like. Finally, I hope to make up for lost time with some great social events. By getting to know each other it will be nice to have some friendly faces around the hospital.

I will be there for you to make sure we all get a chance to work hard and play hard!

South Auckland Representative

Eleanor Wilding

Kia ora e te whānau! My name is Eleanor Wilding and I am stoked to be representing the South Auckland cohort for 2022! I’m an Otago post-grad who spent first year of clinical placement in the mighty Waikato. I love anything that involves the outdoors, wholesome potluck dinners, dogs and peanut butter. As a site representative I have three main goals:

  1. Advocating for YOUR ideas, concerns and expectations (PCS coming in strong).
  2. Maintaining a strong line of communication between the students and the university (especially during these unprecedented times)
  3. Fostering a sense of community through mentoring opportunities and social events (woohoo!)

As a newbie to the AUMSA exec, I will bring fresh passion and enthusiasm to make 2022 the best year yet! I am super friendly and approachable, so come say hello!

Waikato Representative

Keira Bright

Kia ora, my name is Keira, and I’d love to be your Waikato site rep for 2022. While I may be the dictionary definition of a JAFA, I’m looking forward to escaping Auckland and experiencing all that beautiful Waikato has to offer!

As your site rep, I want to create a sense of community among all 4th, 5th, and 6th years placed in Waikato, forming a support network to help everyone navigate new territory and the stress of placement. I’m passionate about student well-being and know from experience that when life gets tough, the people around us get us through.

I’ve had a lot of experience in advocacy roles and will make sure your voices are heard and represented in discussions with the faculty. Also, as an ex-RA, I genuinely love to plan social events that get everyone involved. Whether it’s finding the tastiest brunch spot, joining a pub quiz night, or heading out to tramp in native forest, our year in the Tron will be heaps of fun!

Lakes Representative

Akhita George

Kia ora!

My name is Akhita and I’m excited to be finally getting into the hospital in 4th year!! I’m running uncontested to be your Lakes Site Representative but I’ve got some great ideas to win you over

I’ll be new to Rotorua but I’m confident that I have the energy, enthusiasm, and passion to make sure you have a great experience! Here are a few ideas I currently have but I’m all ears on how I can help you – whether its related to advocacy, education, welfare, or something else! I plan to:

  • Coordinate some cool social events, potentially liaising with other site reps to stay connected.
  • Promote the mentorship programme between different year levels for a well-connected learning environment.
  • Promote and support access resources that are currently available for support

Ultimately, I’d like to help you with any concerns or issues you may face next year. I’m down to have a chat or catch up anytime, so don’t hesitate to message me with any ideas or questions!

Vote Akhita!