Our 2 candidates for AUMSA International Representative for 2021


Andrew Pham

Hi everyone! My name is Andrew and I’m a 3rd year running for International rep in the 2021 AUMSA council. I’m originally from Vietnam and have been in New Zealand for around 4 years. I have been so grateful to meet a lot of international students in the medical programme and learned so much about other cultures and fun experiences. As an international rep, I will listen to every concern that international students might have, as I understand how hard it is to study far away from home, and how challenging it is to study in a whole different country ( or in some people’s case entirely through zoom 🙁 ) I am a nice and super chill person who is down to talk about anything, so hit me up and we might procrastinate all day outside of Philson instead of actually going to Philson 😀 . Thanks a lot guys and hopefully Ms Rona will go away soon so we can all resume our life as normal. 



Umi Sazali

Hi there, my name is Umi Sazali. I’m a Bruneian fifth year based at Taranaki DHB. I’m so pleased about this new representative role for international med students at AUMSA. The recent hardships we’ve been through have only highlighted the lack of advocacy for our community. I understand that there’s a lot of frustration around topics such as the ACE system, TI grants, placements and mental health – that there is a lot you want to say but you’re not always sure who to go to. Through this role, I hope that I can be that person for you. I have the passion for international student affairs, dedication to see things through and experience in our lively and vibrant community to bring our kōrero to the table. Our ideas, concerns and expectations are shared… so vote for Umi as your rep!