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What does NZMSA Do?

1. Advocate on behalf of NZ Medical Students

Lots of what we do is advocacy, i.e. making sure that when things that affect us all are in the pipeline med students get a voice the best possible deal. Unfortunately, advocacy inevitably involves committees, and committees breed acronyms. The following is a bit of NZMSA A-Z guide on issues and committees that we’re involved with on your behalf.
  • ACE is the Advanced Choice Employment program which matches TI’s with House Surgeon jobs in DHBs around New Zealand.
  • DFFPS are Domestic Full Fee Paying Students. Currently, only international students pay full fees at New Zealand universities. It has been suggested that the medical schools could recoup some of their costs by having some New Zealand students pay full fees.
  • DiTC is the Doctors in Training Council and is one of the NZMA sub committees.
  • NZMA is the New Zealand Medical Association
  • NZUSA is the New Zealand University Students Association. Obviously we have a fair bit in common with them, especially fee setting issues. They also helped out with the Doctors and Debt casebook.
  • TI Grant is the training grant the government pays you in 6th year. Our lobbying helped get it increased in 2005.
  • UMAT is the Undergraduate Medical Admissions Test

2. Communication

NZMSA also works to make sure that medical student community know about issues and opportunities of relevance to them. We send a monthly e-newsletter – Emesis – directly to your inbox with the latest NZMSA news. We also keep you updated via Facebook and this website. Any vitally important advocacy/government issues get a bit of air time too. We want to keep you in the loop!

3. Member Services

Services include…
  • Step up scholarship audit – In 2004 a new government scholarship scheme for students from low income backgrounds studying in human and animal health. Since the first step up scholarships NZMSA requested information from Study Link about how many scholarships were awarded. We have also surveyed out members of find out if any applications were inappropriately turned down. In 2004 NZMSA successfully appealed for sixty-two students to have the Step Up Scholarships awarded retrospectively, (worth quarter of a million in total).
  • ACE survey – Each year we survey 6th year students about their experiences with ACE and where they ended up gaining employment. This helps us keep track of the system and ensure it is working like it should.
  • Bulk buy – It’s hard to be a doctor without a stethoscope and NZMSA has helped bring you the tools of the trade in the last few years. We have bulk buy arrangements for stethoscopes and pass the savings on to you without any profit.

4. Events

When we’re not busy advocating or providing services we try and do things to bring New Zealand med students together at our annual conference
  • ACE Information evenings – your local NZMSA reps work alongside NZMA and ACE to run information sessions about how to apply for a house surgeon job in New Zealand. NZMA put on nibbles and drinks and always send a great speaker to answer any of those questions you may have.
  • National Consultation Workshops – an opportunity for members of medical student groups to get together to develop their organisational skills.
  • Beyond the Med School Gates
  • National Blood Drive – “The Vampire Cup”

5. NZMSA Friends

Even with all this going on, we know we can’t be all things to all people! We are proud to be able to work alongside number of other medical student groups in New Zealand and Australia – The Australian Medical Students’ Association (AMSA), Global Health Networks, and Medical Aid Abroad Programme (MAAP) to name a few. Website: Facebook:


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NZMSA Conference 2015: Set Sail

When we leave the medical school gates, will we have the skills we need to make our way, and will we know what our heading is? With the 10th year of the NZMSA conference, we hope to give our delegates a fog horn to sound their way through the darkness. We are the agents of change who will turn the tides not only looking to the future, but now. We are the future. The future is now. And it’s our responsibility to shape a legacy we’re proud to be a part of. 3 Days. 5 Breath-Taking Speakers. The Start of the Rest of our Lives. Prepare for the most impressive NZMSA Conference yet. Website: Facebook:

NZMSJ (The New Zealand Medical Student Journal)

The NZMSJ offers New Zealand medical students a supported forum to make the transition from writing for medical school to publishing quality academic work in professional journals. The journal publishes research papers produced by medical students, case reports and appreciations, and other content that is educational and of interest to medical students and deemed suitable by the governing Editorial Board. This includes material written by students and health professionals from allied health disciplines. The NZMSJ has a national distribution and readership and is currently published biannually. Email: Website: Facebook: