Tēnā koutou katoa! My name is Tom Swinburn and I am thrilled to be leading the Council as AUMSA President in 2022. Much of the awesome stuff AUMSA does for the student body is evident, such as the myriad of social events, tutorials, and sporting and welfare activities. Lots of work also happens behind the scenes, such as advocacy efforts at the faculty, university, and national level — sometimes changes are small, and sometimes they’re big!

As President, it is my job to support and guide our Council of 50-strong, ultimately building on previous efforts so that the organisation is in continually-better shape when we pass on the baton to the next generation! If you’re unsure who is the best person to hear out your idea, thoughts, or concerns, do get in touch and I’ll be able to help you out or direct you to the person that can!

Tom Swinburn

Vice President Administration


Kia ora koutou katoa!

My name is Kate Dunstall and I am stoked to be the Vice President Administration (VPA) of AUMSA for 2022 (I’m the one in the middle with the blue dress).

My role as VPA involves organising our stunning AUMSA merchandise as well as our famous Med School Hoodies and Med School merchandise. I also do a bunch of behind the scenes work to help and keep our club running smoothly. My role has absorbed the role of Communications Officer for 2022 so I aim to strengthen relationships with other clubs like Grassroots, and will be advocating for you all and your wellbeing.

I grew up in Waihi Beach, a small town at the base of the Coromandel Peninsula. I then spent three years at the University of Otago doing my BSc in Psychology and Māori Studies. I spent Fourth Year placed in Waikato Hospital and I am now a Fifth Year in the Pūkawakawa Cohort. I’m doing my placement mainly out of Whangārei Hospital up north with a stint in the Bay of Islands.

If you need any help with anything admin related I’m your person! Otherwise I can help point you in the right direction. Scroll down for more info about the Comms side of my role!

Vice President Education





Kia ora everyone!

My name is Leilani, and I am your AUMSA secretary for 2022.

My work is mostly behind the scenes of AUMSA coordinating meetings, overseeing administration matters, assorting travel funds for students as well as assisting the council wherever needed.

A bit about me I have lived in Auckland my whole life, yet my cultural roots lie in the island of Samoa. I am very passionate about medicine and health especially, the health inequities faced by our Māori and Pacifica population.

When I am not studying, I love spending time outdoors playing a good game of touch or hockey or just being in the company with friends and family. If you have any questions or queries, contact me and I will be happy to answer or refer you in the right direction.

Look forward to meeting you all soon!



Buongiorno a tutti!

I am Jenny Luo, your AUMSA treasurer for 2022! 

In 2021, I upheld the role of sponsorship officer, maintaining and establishing new corporate partnerships which benefit you as a member in receiving free stuff and great events. It was from there that I had my first insight into AUMSA’s finances, which I was intrigued enough to continue by. This year as treasurer, I will be doing more money management in filing GST returns, accounting with Xero, approving budgets and reimbursements, invoicing, managing accounts, as well as ticketing of all events through Humanitix.

As a 4th year medical student, I am looking forward to starting off my clinical years placed in Waikato for 2022 (even though this means I will be temporarily leaving my beloved post as an ADHB companion volunteer!)

Sponsorship Officer



Kia ora,
My name is Gabrielle (Gaby) and I am AUMSA’s Sponsorship Officer for 2022. I am a third year student so you can find me around Grafton campus. As the Sponsorship Officer, my role is to liaison with sponsors as well as to seek funding for AUMSA events and initiatives. I maintain our connections and strengthen our partnerships. I also work alongside a variety of people within the AUMSA team throughout the year.



Kia ora koutou katoa,

I’m Kate and as mentioned above the role of Communications Officer has been absorbed into my role for 2022.

This part of my role encompasses all things communication. I am in charge of keeping our glorious website maintained and up to date, as well as running our Facebook and Instagram pages. If you haven’t already, go and follow us!

My goal this year is to maintain prime communication and keep our online presence looking on point. If you have any questions or comments about our website or social medias you can reach me at this email.

Education Reps


Kia Ora,

We are Jaffar and Shou and are very excited to be the Education reps for AUMSA in 2022!

I’m Jaffar, a third year from the north shore (so unique). If I’m not camping at Kate Edgar you might catch me dressing up as Spider-man and pretending I’m an undergrad.

Shou here!! I’m a bit of a geek sometimes heh (and you’d probably always find me studying at Kate Edgar) but I love running and I make music on the side too!

Our mission as education reps is to try and bridge the gap between preclinical students as we begin to embark on our clinical stage of learning. As such, we will be hosting many different fun events aimed at creating environments in which students can apply some of the knowledge and skills from formal learning. We will also ensure we advocate for the needs of students with regards to learning and assessments, COVID or otherwise.

If you see us around campus (with a large cup of coffee in our hand no doubt), be sure to come and say hello!!!

Arts & Welfare Reps



Kia ora everyone! We are Tim and Emma, your AUMSA Arts and Welfare Reps for 2022!! We’re both Auckland born and bred – Tim from East Auckland and Emma from the Eastern Suburbs. We love all things creative and aim to fill Med School with wholesomeness, positivity, and love! We’re super excited to help promote student health and wellbeing, creativity, and the arts this year as we all celebrate a return to campus. We’re both 3rd years, so if you see us around Grafton or feel that you need someone to talk to, feel free to hit us up or slide into our dms for a fat yarn!!

Social Reps








Kia ora e hoa mā! I’m Millie, a third year undergrad and relatively tolerable jafa from out west. I’m stoked to be in a team with Jono and Lexie this year, I met both of them at events last year so I’m a huge fan of AUMSA events and really value the friendships I’ve made with people throughout the programme from them, I hope we can help do the same for you! Needless to say, I love socialising and am really amped to catch you at an event soon!


Kia ora koutou! My name is Jonathan (feel free to call me Jono), I’m an undergraduate third year medical student who is ecstatic to be one of your social reps for 2022. I’m from the Waikato but my family has a history of moving around all over the place. If you’d like to know where, do ask because there’s nothing I enjoy more than talking about myself. You can find me distracting others in the students commons, enjoying my alone time whilst reading a book (some social rep I am), or at the gym.. Yeah I’m that guy. Wishing you all a fruitful and fulfilling year ahead regardless of what comes your way!


Kia ora! I’m Lexie, an undergrad and an Aucklander born and raised. I enjoy traveling, being outdoors and hanging out with friends. It is super exciting to have the privilege of creating some epic events where people can spend time together with friends, old and new, in 2022. We can sense some awesome memories waiting to be made this year, and we’re your guys to help you create them. Absolutely fizzing for the year ahead!

Sports Reps


Kia ora, We’re Hannah and Kim your 2022 sports reps. We are both postgrads with a passion for sport and think it is an awesome way to destress, have fun and make new friends. We both play hockey, and love mountain biking, hiking and skiing. We absolutely loved getting involved in all the AUMSA and interfaculty sporting events last year and can’t wait to bring these to you this year, with some exciting new additions :slightly_smiling_face:

ND Editors


Māngai Māori Rep


Kia ora koutou, My name is Cameron Munro, your Māngai Māori rep on AUMSA for 2022. I’m currently in my fourth year, placed at Auckland City Hospital. I was born in the Waikato and grew up in the Bay of Plenty, moving to Auckland for university. I try and keep a good work life balance, spending time outdoors with mates. If you know me, you know I love a good yarn and a laugh. As Māngai Māori rep I’m here to be a voice of equity for the Māori students studying medicine. If anyone needs someone to talk to, listen or just spend time, come and have a chat. I’m always keen to meet new people. So don’t be shy, come and say hi when you get a chance. I look forward to meeting you all. Cameron Munro (he/him)

Pasifika Rep


Rainbow Rep


Tēnā tātou katoa,

He uri au no Ngāti Porou ki Toka-a-namu me Ngāti Tūwharetoa ki Waihi Ko Te Whanau-a-Ruataupare ko Turumakina ōku hapu Ko Awhina Pearce ahau.

My name is Awhina (on the right) – most people know me by Awhi (or just as “loud”). I am your 2022 AUMSA Rainbow Representative, I identify as a proud Wahine Takatāpui Māori, and I’m here with one game plan – listen, and actively respond.

Representation of all of our LGBTQIATakatapui+ communities is, in a horrendously simplified nutshell, the scope of my role, and my responsibility is ultimately as a receptive point of communication and action. Respect for and basic understanding of our communities is an indisputable must to become capable health professionals, and these thrifted 3” heels will walk stubbornly defiant lengths for the safety of not only members of LGBTQIATakatapui+ communities within our faculty, but also our future patients and colleagues.

Mauri ora.

Awhi (she/her/ia) | AUMSA Rainbow Respresentative 2022

International Rep


Hi friends, I’m Viha Vig, your AUMSA International Representative for 2022! My responsibilities including advocating for equal academic and professional opportunities for our awesome international students, connecting students to helpful resources on campus and liasing with faculty on behalf of international students across all years. Please feel free to connect with me on email, Facebook or Instagram! I’d love to chat with you all 😃

A little about me: I’m a Punjabi (north Indian) who was born and brought up in Bangalore, South India. I graduated with a degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from Boston University before starting medicine here, at UoA. Yes, I’m one of the grad entry students! I enjoy running, research, and engaging in spiritual practices like Reiki and flower therapy.

I’m thrilled for this opportunity to advocate for my peers!

NZMSA Auckland General Representative


Kia ora koutou, my name is Chhavi and I’m a third year student at the University of Auckland this year. After learning the ropes as the NZMSA second year rep last year I am stoked to return as the Auckland General Rep and make a positive contribution with the rest of my AUMSA and NZMSA communities 🙂

In my spare time I love browsing vegan recipes, seeking out good views, taking photos, making art, and going on wee adventures with friends. Please message or email anytime! Here’s to a better year ahead for everyone…

Ngā manaakitanga 

NZMSA 2nd Year Rep


NZMSA 3rd Year Rep


NZMSA 4th Year Rep


NZMSA 5th Year Rep


Kia ora e te whānau, I’m Liv your NZMSA 5th year rep for 2022. I hail from Ōtautahi, Christchurch and next year I’ll be based in Tāmaki Makaurau, Auckland. I’m committed to ensuring that the voices of the Class of 2023 are represented whenever NZMSA advocates on behalf of all medical students. My key focus will be to work on the restrictions on Selectives and Electives that currently require us to stick to our respective Auckland and Otago regions. I’m also super excited to be working with the AUMSA executive to facilitate a fantastic year of events and student advocacy.

NZMSA 6th Year Rep


Class of 2026 Reps


Kia ora everyone!

We are Baraa and Caitlin and we are honoured to be the class reps for the class of 2026! Our role is to ensure that our cohort gets a frictionless and enjoyable experience throughout medical school while hosting rad events and eliminating the stereotype that med school can’t be fun.

Our DMs are always open so don’t be hesitant to reach out because we love to talk instead of watching our lectures anyways!

Class of 2025 Reps


Kia Ora everyone! We are the class representatives for the class of 2025. We are responsible for making sure our cohort has the best experience in medical school and act as a bridge between the faculty and students. We have tried our best to support our class through it all from organising post module parties to making sure everyone had access to plenty of resources. Our email and DMs are always open if you’d like to chat or want our cohort to be involved in an event!


Class of 2024 Reps


Class of 2023 Reps


Kia ora whānau, we are Trav and Nicky! You should know who we are cause we have successfully completed 4 years of being class reps (whoop) and will hopefully continue the full run of 6 years baby #streaks !! In 2021 we planned the perfect the boat party which was then ruined by none other than Covid itself. In saying that, never fear my friends because the boat party dream will NOT be eliminated. Apart from that we have been to struggle city and back with many meetings with the faculty over the years and we try our best to AD-VO-CATE! We are looking forward to saying a big cya to 2021 and starting 2022 with the new council.

Hopefully, we get to reunite with everyone soon to cure our separation anxiety As always, much love,

Trav and Nicky xx

Class of 2022 Reps


Kia ora!

We’re Holly and Matias, class reps for the Class of 2022. Over the past couple of years we’ve striven to ease the effects of covid by voicing our class’ concerns and advocating for their best interests.

Going into our final year of med school, we’re more excited than ever to represent such an amazing group of students. With the finish line finally in sight, we’ve got big plans to end things in style and we can’t wait to see our whānau become the next generation of young doctors.

As always, we’re here if you need anything. Cheers and see you around!

Auckland City Clinical Site Rep



Bay of Plenty Clinical Site Rep


Kia ora koutou,

My name is Blair and I am the Bay of Plenty (BOP) site rep for 2022. I will be a Trainee Intern at Tauranga Hospital this year. I am really excited for the year to come and fostering a sense of community across the Y4, Y5 and Trainee Intern students, especially giving support to the Y5 R-R students who are situated across Whakatāne and Tauranga.

Through the role, I sit on both AUMSA and Grassroots executive, so am a good voice to communicate concerns from both Tauranga and Whakātane based students. I am passionate about ensuring good support for those students away from Auckland, and will advocate for this through both AUMSA and Grassroots to create a sense of community across BOP and create an enjoyable environment.

Some of my goals for the year revolve around us students coming together as a community, either through sports activities, social events, academic support, and pastoral care – so keep posted on the BOP FB page for more details regarding these through the year. We are keen for students to complete their placement in BOP, and am happy to talk about the different programmes there, as well as hosting people down in the middle of the year to experience what is to offer!

Hit me up if you have any questions about the site or about how I can support some of your ideas or address any concerns.

Ngā mihi nui,


Lakes Clinical Site Rep


Kia ora! My name is Akhita and I’m excited to be the site rep for Rotorua in 2022!

I’m looking forward to working with the other site reps on the Education Committee led by VPE Sam Robertson. We hope to ensure support, opportunities and representation for students across all the clinical sites. I’m eagerly anticipating facilitating any queries or concerns relating to the Rotorua site :))

I am also pumped to keep the Rotorua cohort engaged with some great events and opportunities!

One thing I’m looking forward to is exploring what Rotorua has to offer! I love my sports and can’t wait to play some football in 2022.

Pūkawakawa Clinical Site Rep


Kia ora koutou katoa,
Ko Evangeline Liddicoat tōku ingoa.I grew up in Waipapakauri in Te Tai Tokerau where my whānau still are but have spent the last 6 years in Auckland completing a Bachelor of Health Sciences before entering medicine as a postgraduate student. I am excited to be returning to Te Tai Tokerau this year and be able to work within my community and represent Pūkawakawa as the student representative.

I am passionate about reducing health inequities particularly among tangata whenua, and have an interest also in rural health and the equitable distribution of health resources.

For my site, I am hoping to establish whakawhanaungatanga for students in Te Tai Tokerau and help students feel connected to the different sites they go to on for their placements. I want to help students get the most out of their time and increase the chance that they will return to give back to these communities as health professionals. For the community, I am also hoping to facilitate events that help expose more Northlanders to different careers in health.

Feel free to message or email me with any pātai. Cheers to 2022 whānau.

South Auckland Clinical Site Rep



Taranaki Clinical Site Rep


Kia ora, my name is Tyla, and I am the Taranaki site rep for 2022. A bit about me, I’m probably best known for cutting shapes in the dance circles at AUMSA social events or getting a bit too competitive on the social netball court. I have really enjoyed working in Waikato this year for my fourth-year placement. However, I am super excited to get down to Taranaki in 2022 with a great group of students and get stuck in!

In my role I hope to organise some great events for our lovely little cohort as well as welcome any other students spread across the island that want to come get a taste of what Taranaki is like. Of course, I also aim to communicate and advocate for the students in Taranaki and overall hope we all have an awesome year.


Waikato Clinical Site Rep



Waikato Regional-Rural Clinical Site Rep


Kia Ora, my name is Nicky (she/her) and I am originally from the lovely, the beautiful, the breathtaking Ohakune. I grew up under the majestic maunga, Ruapehu. From there I went to Dunedin and then made it to the big smoke. This will be my third year on Grassroots and I’m still just as stoked to be a part of it as when I began. I’m stepping down from my VP role to take on a new site rep role, that is new for Grassroots. Can’t wait to show what rural NZ has to offer!! 💕

Waitematā Clinical Site Rep


Kia ora

I’m Cam and I will be Waitematā site rep for 2022. I come from Timaru and I’m a postgrad student from Otago. I spent 4th year at Waikato hospital and this experience has definitely built me up to the task of tackling this role and in particular want to focus on student welfare and take a look at what we can improve for the clinical curriculum. I look forward to meeting you all and listening to any ideas to improve your welfare and any changes to the clinical curriculum as it stands now. I look forward to working alongside the rest of the education committee this year to push for changes that better the curriculum and improve outcomes for students. If you see me around Waitematā come have a yarn to me as I would love to get to know you and listen to your ideas. Have a great year and don’t be afraid to reach out we are all here to help. Cheers Cam.