AUMSA Recommended Resources

We have asked members for resources they have found useful in their studies. These will be particularly useful for Phase 2 and 3 students! (Years 4-6).

Hopefully some of these may be useful for your study or revision, especially regarding Progress Test!

We have not trialed each of these, but they are suggestions from other students, so have a look and see what may work for you!

If you have anything to add, please email and let us know.

Clinical-scenario based question resources

– Pass Medicine

We suggest the ‘Medical Student Finals’ version. It’s for a cost, but has clear explanations and is very extensive and easy to read.

– TrueLearn

A free trial of this was available earlier this year. Thorough explanations to clinical questions.

– Oxford Cases in Medicine and Surgery

– FMHS Practice Progress Test Questions


Other online resources

– Radiopaedia

– Radiology Masterclass

– Sketchy Medicine



– Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine

An absolute classic!

– Oxford Handbook of Clinical Diagnosis

Your differential diagnosis bible!


Prognosis: Your Diagnosis